Universal Fit • 100% Waterproof • Warm • Lightweight
Solid Traction • Easy on/off • Windproof • Compact
Durable • Protection for foot in a cast • Washable
  1. Insulated or Non-Insulated? Which Ones Should You Choose?

    Insulated NEOS or non-insulated NEOS? Which pair will work best for you? It's a tricky question and ideally we would recommend one of each but we know that's not practical so here are a few points you need to consider in order to find out which will be the best fit for your usage.

  2. 4 Reasons to Wear NEOS While Hunting

    NEOS have revolutionized the old fashioned galoshes that were worn years ago. People all over North America are discovering the high quality and multiple uses that modern day overshoes have to offer. Easy to get on and take off, conveniently compact and extremely durable are just a few of great attributes that our customers love about their NEOS.

  3. NEOS Overshoes Pass The Waterproof Test

    NEOS Overshoes pass the waterproof test and we have a faithful customer to prove it. This spring we received a testimonial explaining how much a customer, of 12 years wearing NEOS, loves how well they work. Not only are NEOS perfect for wearing over sneakers at home snow blowing, but also for important jobs like during a water main break.

  4. Why NEOS Overshoes Are Better Than Hip Waders

    Hip waders are usually uncomfortable with cheap rubber boots that can easily crack or get suctioned in the mud. Everyday hip waders usually make you overheat and are very uncomfortable to wear. Try a pair of NEOS Overshoes instead of hip waders and that way you will be able to wear your favourite footwear inside, keeping your both dry and comfortable.

  5. Why NEOS Allow You To Do More and Get You More Places

    NEOS Overshoes are a great addition to your wardrobe that allow you to wear your favourite footwear out and about without ruining your new shoes, causing your feet any discomfort or causing you any inconvenience. Let's take a further look at how NEOS allow you to do more, get your more places and are a worthwhile investment.

  6. RCMP Officers Love Wearing NEOS!

    We've had several RCMP officers discover our NEOS overshoes and they simply love them. Some swear they'll never head out to work without them because they offer stability, warmth, protection and superior traction.

  7. 4 Reasons Why NEOS Are Better Than Rubber Boots

    The time of muddy sidewalks, mucky puddles and sticky driveways has arrived. You may think it's time to pull out the dreaded rubber boots for the spring season, but we have better news for you. Why not lose the tacky galoshes and try a sleek pair of

  8. Why Shop Online?

    In 2016, 96% of Americans chose to shop online. On average these shoppers claim they spent 5 hours per week making online purchases and allot an average of 36% of their shopping budgets to e-commerce. This amount has increased since the 2014 research that states 78% of Americans shop online ages 15 and older.

  9. Why You May Need ICER's XT™ Traction Cleats For Your NEOS

    If you love your NEOS but just wish they had a bit more traction on days where it's really slick out, we have just the product for you. Whether it be out on the frozen lake to go ice fishing, walking down that treacherous lane way or up slippery steps, no one wants the pain and aggravation of a possible slip or fall.

  10. Beat The Winter With Weatherbeaters

    Want to try a pair of overshoes but not quite sure which pair to try? Why not start with a solid pair like our universal weatherbeaters? These NEOS are on clearance for a great price. Not because they're defective but because we got a deal on a large order and like always, we want to share the clearance price we received with our customers.

  11. NEOS Uptowner X - Why You And Your Dress Shoes Will Love Them!

    Off to court, walking across town for an appointment, or making your way downtown for a meeting? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to continue to wear your dress shoes for when you arrive at your destination? Icy streets, slushy sidewalks and slippery stairs are no match for high heels or dress shoes.

  12. 8 Reasons Why Our Customers Love Their NEOS

    We appreciate all the testimonials we receive from our great customers of why they love their NEOS. Here's what makes them great overshoes and we've got our customers' word to back us up.

  13. Wear NEOS Adventurer's While Sailing

    Now that the warm water temperatures are plummeting due to the onset of fall, there's no reason why your sailing adventures should stop. Weather conditions are nothing a good pair of NEOS can't easily fix. Inspired by a testimonial we received this summer, we thought we'd recommend the best pair of NEOS to wear while sailing.

  14. Why Wear NEOS While Motorcycling

    When motorcycling as a mode of transportation or for heading out for a long trip, it is important to pack tight and light. You don't want excessive gear taking up precious space in your saddlebags. However, you need to be prepared for all kinds of weather while out on the road.

  15. Which NEOS to Wear While Camping

    It's time to start planning that summer camping trip and while you're at it we'd like to make you aware of some great pairs of NEOS Overshoes to add to your packing list. Instead of lugging all sorts of footwear on your camping trip, how about just taking your favourite moccasins and a pair of NEOS? No need for sandals, water shoes etc. when you've got your favourite comfy slippers and waterproof protective overshoes that will fit snugly over them.

  16. NEOS Overshoes Canada are in the Movies

    NEOS Overshoes are not just worn by airport grounds crew, contractors or police officers. They have made it all the way to Hollywood. Let's take a look at why cast and crew members love wearing NEOS on and off the set. Here's the latest when it comes to NEOS booming in Canadian film.

    "The Revenant", filmed in Canada's British Columbia and Alberta, purchased and used over a dozen of the Navigator 5 Insulated NEOS because they are the ultimate choice for cold weather and deep snow.

  17. Avoid the Dangers of Slipping On Ice

    In the dead of winter, you need to take all of the appropriate precautions to stay warm. This is especially true for anyone who has to work outdoors. There are many jobs and hobbies that require regular time spent outdoors and if you are not dressed appropriately it can make your work and leisure activities miserable. Whether you are delivering mail, showing real estate, collecting waste, ice fishing, dog sledding, working on hydro lines, ext… you need to be warmly dressed and you need to protect yourself against the cold and bitter weather.

  18. Why Use EVA Insoles In Your Overshoes?

    NEOS Overshoe offers removable EVA insoles that can be added to any of our styles of overshoes. You may be wondering why you would ever want or need to use insoles in your overshoes. Well, let's take a look!

    Extra Comfort

    The EVA material that NEOS insoles are made of is a dense foam polymer known as Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and it has an excellent, durable shock absorbing quality.

  19. Differences Between the Surveyor & Trekker Overshoes

    This blog was inspired by a inquiry from an amateur photographer that likes to take landscape images. The photographer was looking for an overshoe that would allow them to go into rivers and streams, some glacier fed, during the fall and spring when wearing their water shoes wasn't feasible. They also needed something lightweight that would allow them to easily carry the overshoes since their backpack would already be full of camera gear.

  20. NEOS Are An Airline Pilots Overshoe of Choice

    As winter approaches, the season brings along its array of difficulties. Whether traveling by foot, car or plane, the winter weather makes getting to and from places more challenging. Airline pilots encounter a great deal of salt, slush, snow and ice while preparing to fly and working around the terminal, during the winter months.

  21. The Difference Between the Villager & Voyager Overshoes

    The NEOS Villager and Voyager Overshoes look like a similar overshoe in appearance, however they are slightly different. Both styles of these overshoes are non-insulated and 100% waterproof. The Villager and Voyager are perfect for rainy conditions or light snow.

  22. How to Store and Care for Your NEOS

    Now that you have your NEOS Overshoes you're probably wondering how to care for them, since there are no special care instructions included. That's because there are really no specific care or storage instructions needed. NEOS Overshoes are extremely durable and 100% waterproof so it makes them easy to care for.

  23. NEOS for Prosthetics, Orthotics, Braces & Casts

    NEOS Overshoes are perfect for protecting your shoes, boots and orthopaedic footwear from the elements. They are lightweight, durable and completely waterproof. NEOS come in different styles that can also protect more than just your footwear. Our overshoes are also used to cover and protect prosthetics, orthotics and casts. Today we'd like to highlight our NEOS Overshoes that offer mid-leg protection as they are ideal for protecting AFO's, splints, braces and the like.

  24. NEOS Food Services Overshoes Are Ideal Footwear For Working In Food Industry

    Food processing plants and manufactures, especially in meat production, require that workers wear specific footwear designed for working in industry or food services. NEOS Food Services Overshoes are ideal for working in meat and fish processing plants or other facets of food industry such as manufacturers and slaughterhouses and here's why:

    1 They're Easy To Clean

    In food processing plants and production areas, it is important that nonporous footwear be worn so that they are easy to keep clean and dry.

  25. 6 Reasons Why NEOS are the Most Essential Overshoes for Today's Workers

    With the crazy and unpredictable weather these days, you never know what may hit you when you leave for work in the morning, only to return home 8 + hours later dodging anything from hail to a thunderstorm in between. Many workers have footwear that are essential to their particular workplace whether it is for safety reasons or for dress code protocol.

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