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NEOS Overshoes Canada are in the Movies

NEOS Overshoes are not just worn by airport grounds crew, contractors or police officers. They have made it all the way to Hollywood. Let's take a look at why cast and crew members love wearing NEOS on and off the set. Here's the latest when it comes to NEOS booming in Canadian film.

"The Revenant", filmed in Canada's British Columbia and Alberta, purchased and used over a dozen of the Navigator 5 Insulated NEOS because they are the ultimate choice for cold weather and deep snow. These insulated NEOS offer a superior fit and aggressive tread for outdoor usage on cold days as they are very warm. The main actors wore the NEOS when they were off set so they could quickly warm up their feet without taking off the footwear they needed to wear during filming. They would wear the NEOS until it was time to shoot their scene, quickly take them off, and wear their moccasins or other leather footwear for the scene. "The Revenant" film crew also wore NEOS to keep protected while filming in cold water, snow and unfavourable weather.

More recently our NEOS were picked up by a local production company; Solutre Inc., located in British Columbia, for their film, "The Solutrean". This film is similar to "The Revenant" only "The Solutrean" is a survival story set during the ice age, 20 000 years ago. Again, they wanted NEOS for their film shooting because our overshoes make it easy to shoot a scene, in Canadian conditions, with the option to warm up between scenes.

We also received a testimonial this winter from a crew member from "The 100" television series. He and another crew member both use NEOS for filming this TV show in different areas of British Columbia. He said he was thrilled with how well his overshoes work while trudging through puddles and mud. He feels that although the pair he purchased are non-insulated, they keep his feet warm in damp or wet weather because his body heat is trapped inside the overshoe. He also finds that they fit very well. His shoes do not slide around inside the overshoe because they are designed to strap tightly around your footwear.

NEOS Overshoe Canada has successfully sold overshoes online for several years now, and more and more Canadians are finding even more unique uses for them. We ship our NEOS all over Canada, and abroad, for an economical price. We have a secure checkout with an easy-to-use online store. We will gladly answer any questions you may have so please contact us, today.


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