Universal Fit • 100% Waterproof • Warm • Lightweight
Solid Traction • Easy on/off • Windproof • Compact
Durable • Protection for foot in a cast • Washable

Protect Your Footwear from Rain, Snow, Ice & Other Winter Conditions with a Pair of Waterproof NEOS Overshoes. NEOS Keep You Warm & Dry with Several Lightweight Boot Styles, Insulated or Non-Insulated with Different Rugged Rubber Soles for Both Men’s & Women’s Shoe or Boot Sizes

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Acton Nomade Men's Non-Insulated OvershoesActon Nomade Men's Non-Insulated Overshoes
Evolution Men's  Insulated Overshoes - 3405Evolution Men's Insulated Overshoes - 3405
ICER'S XT™-Re-Studding Kit (Studs Only)ICER'S XT™-Re-Studding Kit (Studs Only)
ICER'S XT™-Re-Studding Kit+ToolICER'S XT™-Re-Studding Kit+Tool
NEOS Adventurer Overshoes Non-InsulatedNEOS Adventurer Overshoes Non-InsulatedThe NEOS Adventurer bring mid-leg protection against deep snow and mud with deep traction sole.
NEOS Explorer Overshoes - InsulatedNEOS Explorer Overshoes - InsulatedProtect your footwear from rain, mud, snow and slush
NEOS Explorer Stabilicer Insulated OvershoeNEOS Explorer Stabilicer Insulated OvershoeThe NEOS Explorer Stabilicer gives superior traction to any other overshoe
NEOS Food Services Overshoes Soft Toe BlueNEOS Food Services Overshoes Soft Toe Blue
NEOS Food Services Overshoes Steel Toe BlueNEOS Food Services Overshoes Steel Toe Blue
NEOS Food Services Overshoes Steel Toe WhiteNEOS Food Services Overshoes Steel Toe White
NEOS Navigator 5 Overshoes - InsulatedNEOS Navigator 5 Overshoes - InsulatedProvides warm insulation, superior fit and aggressive tread for best traction
NEOS Navigator 5 STABILicers® OvershoesNEOS Navigator 5 STABILicers® Overshoes
NEOS River Trekker Overshoes - XS onlyNEOS River Trekker Overshoes - XS only
NEOS Surveyor Overshoes - Non-Insulated ( XSmall  ONLY)NEOS Surveyor Overshoes - Non-Insulated ( XSmall ONLY)
NEOS Villager Overshoes Non-InsulatedNEOS Villager Overshoes Non-InsulatedThe NEOS Villagers are great to keep in your car or on your travels in case of weather changes
NEOS Voyager Overshoes Non-InsulatedNEOS Voyager Overshoes Non-InsulatedThe NEOS Voyager are ideal in light snow or hiking in rain conditions
NEOS Voyager STABILicers®NEOS Voyager STABILicers®

Lightweight yet rugged, the Voyager Stabilicer is the best selling  NEOS

NEOS Voyager STABILicers® + Heel OvershoesNEOS Voyager STABILicers® + Heel Overshoes
NEOS Weatherbeater Non-Insulated Overshoes NE202NEOS Weatherbeater Non-Insulated Overshoes NE202
NEOS Weatherbeater Overshoes Non-Insulated NE201NEOS Weatherbeater Overshoes Non-Insulated NE201
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Cold weather brings snow, slush and icy weather conditions which makes getting from place to place that much more difficult in the winter months. Walking to and from airport terminals while traveling, or from your car to your place of work for example, can be tricky in the winter. You either end up slipping and hurting yourself, your feet freeze or you ruin your footwear with salt stains trying to creep around outside while wearing dress shoes. Alternatively, if you wear boots or other footwear, you end up lugging around your indoor shoes while trying to walk out in the cold.

Don't let the winter or rainy weather stop you from getting around or make your commute more difficult. Sounds like it's time to purchase some overshoes. Don't cringe with the thought of waterproof rubber galoshes to protect your footwear. There is such a thing as premium fashionable and functional NEOS Overshoes to protect your shoes or boots to get you easily moving about despite the elements. In Canada, it's a necessity to wear waterproof overshoes in order to keep your warm and protect your footwear. A good pair of lightweight NEOS Overshoes will help you combat the slippery rain and snow covered conditions, as it's quite likely that the winter will drag on for several months.

Wear a pair of NEOS Overshoes to keep your shoes, boots and feet completely dry and warm as they are 100% waterproof. There are many different styles to suit your needs depending on the type of usage, weather conditions and footwear you plan to protect. NEOS Overshoes come insulated for snow and winter conditions or non-insulated for rain. They have the premium options of different rubber soles, cleats or insoles to battle ice or other conditions you regularly find you are up against. NEOS Overshoes are lightweight and compact so they can be easily stored in your vehicle, desk or locker.

NEOS Overshoes Canada is an online store making it easy for you to order a variety of sizes and styles of premium overshoes anytime of the day, anywhere. We believe NEOS are the best waterproof overshoes on the market and are happy to answer any inquiries you may have about any of our products. We have a safe and secure checkout system with affordable and fast shipping services. We ship our waterproof NEOS to men and women around the world and are experts as we've been selling NEOS for years. Please browse through the many lightweight boot style NEOS Overshoes and start protecting yourself and your footwear today.
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