Universal Fit • 100% Waterproof • Warm • Lightweight
Solid Traction • Easy on/off • Windproof • Compact
Durable • Protection for foot in a cast • Washable

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Category Products

Category Products

NEOS Explorer Stabilicer Insulated OvershoeNEOS Explorer Stabilicer Insulated OvershoeThe NEOS Explorer Stabilicer gives superior traction to any other overshoe
NEOS Navigator 5 STABILicers® OvershoesNEOS Navigator 5 STABILicers® Overshoes
NEOS Voyager STABILicers®NEOS Voyager STABILicers®

Lightweight yet rugged, the Voyager Stabilicer is the best selling  NEOS

NEOS Voyager STABILicers® + Heel OvershoesNEOS Voyager STABILicers® + Heel Overshoes
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