Universal Fit • 100% Waterproof • Warm • Lightweight
Solid Traction • Easy on/off • Windproof • Compact
Durable • Protection for foot in a cast • Washable
September 9, 2018

I was going north to Nunavut to work and the best advice was to get a pair of neos boots. They kept my feet warm and dry every day. Salluit in December.

April 12, 2018

They have a little salt on them but I love my neos i am a letter carrier for Canada post we all love them..... rain or snow they are my best friend !!!


March 26, 2017

I am a RCMP member in the Yukon and I saw on your website that you are a retailer of NEOS overshoes. I bought a pair of Neos Navigator 5 Stabilicer Overshoe last December. No need to say, I love them!! I wear my work boots then if it get cold out, I put my Neos on top and I am golden. I already got 2-3 of my coworkers to buy them as well.


March 15, 2018

I love my NEOS, because they are simply the best. I hate wearing winter boots but I always have on my NEOS


February 25, 2018

I've been using my new Adventurer Neos for a week and I love them. I'm wearing the size large over size 9 Steger mukluks and the fit is perfect. They add very little weight. I'm working in the central Arctic with temperatures between -35 and -45 Celsius. Although the Steger mukluks are quite warm being outside all day at these temperatures, I do have to make sure that I'm wiggling my toes and moving around lots to stay comfortable. With the Neos over top, I find that I don't have to worry or think about keeping my toes warm. The added air space and wind protection, as well as the extra sole keeping the mukluks off the cold snow makes a big difference for my feet. The materials and workmanship of the Neos appears to be excellent.

Here's a photo of the Neos in action at -43 Celsius. I'm measuring ice thickness as a first step in constructing a floating ice air strip that will allow 737 jets and Hercules aircraft to land on a lake for resupply for a gold exploration company.

Thanks Neos!

February 14, 2018

I would like to say a big thank you for sending me the boots as quickly as you did. I actually got them the following day and I have been wearing them everyday ever since.

I love my Neo Overshoes. Never thought they would be this good. I worked outside all week in freezing temperatures in the snow, slush, rain and for as long as 13h and my feet never got cold or wet. I only wish I would've heard about the Neo Overshoes sooner.

I have bought a few expensive winter work boots in the past and believe me nothing comes close. The fact that I can easily take them off and go work inside with clean boots is also super convenient.

Again thank you very much. You can be sure I will be recommending Neo Overshoes and The Brown Bear to everyone.

Sincerely yours,

February 9, 2018

I currently own two kinds of Neos, the Villager and the Traveller (an older version). I have owned the Traveller for several years and I love the easy on, easy off feature. Plus they are completely waterproof and keep my pants dry. Finally, when going to church, the health club or some public venue where I don’t want to track in snow, I simply take them off and stash in a corner. I can wear whatever shoes I want for the occasion and they are protected by Neos.

I bought the Villager (size medium) for my son, and when he grew, I bought a size large. I started wearing the Villager Mediums for travel because they are lighter weight and I use the Traveller version for every day use. Yesterday my parish priest saw me removing them at church and was admiring them. Today we are having a snowstorm, and he asked me where I bought my boots. I found out he didn’t have any, so I gave him the size Medium. He’s Vietnamese and came from California. Now I would like to replace the Villager size Medium that I gave away.

Marian K.

February 7, 2018

This is my third pair of Neos boots and they are wonderful. I wear orthotics and with these boots I can still have the foot support of my shoes and a waterproof boot. They last for years and the city salt washes off well.

I compete in many sports with my dog. In most of these training and competitive locations you can’t use outdoor shoes in the ring. This is a really hassle in the winter pulling off snow boots and putting on your competitive foot wear. With my Neos boots it is a quick change of just taking the boots off and I am ready for the ring!

They are light weight and so great for taking on a plane too. All round a great winter boot.

Terra Cotta, ON, CANADA

February 5, 2018

I work in law enforcement and I have the Navigator 5 stabilicers. They are great as I can wear them over my boots when I need the extra warmth or traction. Only downside is I damage floors if I wear them inside. My new work boots are a little bulkier so I need to order a new pair a size up. They are an essential part of my winter kit.

Adam G.

January 29, 2018

I bought my Neos in September 2017 and have used them over 10 times in muddy and soaking wet conditions and my boots stayed clean and dry! Will definitely buy again.

Connor H

January 18, 2018

I bought these last year for snowmobiling and my feet were never cold again.

January 16, 2018

Received my order last night (great wrapping job btw) and as you can see, they fit perfectly over my shoes & leg brace. Now I can walk outside safe, warm and dry!

Thx again.

January 11, 2018

Je suis facteur à Sherbrooke, Qc, et j'utilise les couvre-chaussures Neos depuis 15 ans! Je ne m'en passerais pas. Elles sont très légères et gardent mes pieds au chaud tout l'hiver.

Merci beaucoup de continuer à les produire.
S. Amyot

December 17, 2017

NEOS overshoes. In my opinion, the best boots on the planet.

This thought has been loud and clear for about 10 years now. A pair of Dakota HD3 Quad Comfort nearly took the top spot a few years ago when a pair of steel-toed boots were required for work on the railway. However, for versatility, comfort, durability, weight, ease-of-use and stylishness...NEOS takes the cake. The ability to wear indoor shoes AND the comfiest shoes ALL the time and yet head out in any conditions is amazing. Longevity and quality of workmanship is superior as this one pair has been going for 10 years and they're still in great shape. One buckle clip broke a few years ago in minus 30 degree weather and a broccoli elastic has been used to keep it together...and yet they are S T I L L the best boots.

Well, it's time for a new pair. The decision to upgrade to the insulated Navigator 5 has been made. If the STABILICERS are insulated, then those will be next purchase.

Joel, Customer for life.

ps. My wife suggested a poem would be more appropriate.... "NEOS, how I love thee...let me count the ways. 10, for the ten little toes you protect on a daily bas..." But no...too much.

December 15, 2017

I love my NEOS Uptowner X overshoes. I’ve been a NEOS user for almost 20 years. I’m on my second pair and will soon be purchasing my third (to accommodate some longer shoes I have). I have some expensive dress shoes that I wear to work and church yet some have lasted me 20 years, in no small part due to the protection that NEOS provide in the winter. My feet stay warm and I can smile at other winter commuters in Toronto’s downtown who are out in the snow and salty slush with bare shoes. They are easy-on, easy-off which makes them a great commuting overshoe.

Eric E.

December 13, 2017

I have had the pleasure of field testing your boots in extreme conditions and they are flawless in performance and reliability. Of course you can jog in extreme winter conditions but I have field tested your boots in hiking along the eastern coastal regions and once again no product in my mind could perform as well as your product in ocean beach sand. It thanks to your team.


December 11, 2017

I work for the railway and am an avid ice fisherman. I have worn many styles of anti-slip boots and anti-slip boot attachments. Many have varied grip capabilities but by far the NEO'S have proven to me to be the best anti-slip footwear on the market. The studs grab and hang on so you have the best grip in traction and maintaining your balance while on ice or snow. I strongly recommend every winter worker and avid winter outdoors man to to give the NEO'S a try.


December 9, 2017

Why I love my Neos is simple they are great, lite, easy on and off, and best of all I don't have to worry about taking a pair of shoes with me as I'm already a wearing them. Use them year round.

November 23, 2017

I love my Neos Navigator 5 Overshoes - Insulated! I have been wearing them as my main winter boots for the past 8 years and will never go back. Everyone I see are so jealous of them. Easy to use, durable and very reliable!

Shawn G

November 20, 2017

Easy to put on and take off. Love that you can throw them in washing machine, but next time without yellow mop head. They loved the velcro. The next pair will be the third.


November 17, 2017

Mes bottes toutes saisons: Travaux et marches dans les herbes hautes, voire les marécages, déneigement dans 15-20 pouces de neige grâce au serrage supérieur, le tout avec des chaussures mi-saisons souples et confortables! Que demander de mieux? D’autres, en neuf! J’ai contaminé ma blonde! Nik.

November 7, 2017

Got my NEOS and they fit my orthotic footwear perfectly! NEOS outer shoes, recommended by my sister in Montreal, is a life saver for someone like myself, with hard to fit feet. I looked for a NEOS retailer with no luck, in Toronto. I’m so glad I found your online store.

I’m very, very happy with our communications and your service and with the knowledge that I have stable, weather proof footwear for this coming winter. Finding shoes that fit my orthotic shoes has taken me the better part of 4 years! Finding NEOS outer shoes was so easy!)

Thank you so much!

October 24, 2017

I love my NEOS Overshoes because we always walk on marshy land full of water. With these boots, I can keep my feet dry and I do not damage my hunting boots keeping me warm.


October 4, 2017

I had a pair of Neos, which unfortunately disappeared last Spring when my truck was stolen. Time to replace them.

I purchased a pair of used Navigators from a hunting buddy. I used them during the winter at an outdoor youth camp. They were perfect as I could easily remove them when I was entering the main buildings and still had shoes on my feet. This year I want to get a pair for my son as well.

Tim W

April 21, 2017

We have been using the NEOS Explorer Stabilicer Insulated Overshoe for a few years now and out of all the kit we use in our line of work it is by far worth its weight in gold!

We spend a lot of our days in the winter on unstable and changing ice conditions in all types of sub-zero temperatures. Often we are carrying heavy equipment where one slip could cause great injury. The studs in the bottom of these boots keep us standing upright and the extra bit of insulation keeps our feet warm and dry!

We’ve begun wearing them now over our diving dry suit to keep our feet warm and help with traction as well. As always, dealing with you guys has been straightforward and easy. Thanks for taking care of our order so quickly and wishing you gals a safe and happy summer!

Take care,

April 7, 2017

I have worn Neos for about 12 years. I own two pairs and have ordered my third pair as of today. I wear them over sneakers at home blowing snow, hunting, long walks, ect. I prefer the non-insulated because they do add an air gap that seems to keep your feet warm, and more importantly dry!

I also wear them during water main breaks which is the real test, they are warm and waterproof. They are well made, tough, high quality Velcro for easy on and off.

T. MacDonald

February 14, 2017

This is me wearing my Neos at the World Biathlon Championships in Hochfilzen, Austria. 🇦🇹 Love them!!

My niece is a member of Team Canada, we were there to cheer her on


February 14, 2017
I love my Neos because they keep my feet warm and dry in freezing snow and rain and they keep me from falling on slippery ice.

Eric M.

January 27, 2017

My husband replaced the missing cleats in my boots and this morning we walked on the lake across from our place with our dogs and Nordic Poles. I've attached a couple of pictures from this morning with my husband wearing his NEOS boots.


January 19, 2017

Je me suis acheter de nouveau neos cette semaine et je les adores pour travailler. Ils sont très chaud, anti-dérapant et surtout très pratique pour mon travail de mecanicienne en automobile. Je les adores tout simplement. Voici en pièce jointes, une photo de moi avec mea nouveau Neos!!!

January 16, 2017

I love my NEOS because they are so easy to slip over my runners or shoes and turn them into boots. For times that you need (clean-never worn outside shoes) for inside use and don't want to be constantly changing every time you step outside.

Nancy B.

January 16, 2017

With the weather we've been experiencing here in Eastern Ontario, driveway is a sheet of ice and I use my NEOS boots just to get to my car. We live across from a lake and in order to walk on it I put on my NEOS and am able to walk effortlessly. As a matter of fact my husband asked to use them the other day!

Debbie F.

January 10, 2017

I am super impressed with your service and rapid delivery by Canada Post.

Ten years ago I bought NEOS boots which I still use, but as I aged, my feet got larger. My size 13 dress shoes did not fit in my old NEOS. It is great to see that XXXL deals with the problem.


January 8, 2017

Living in a four season playground, I have found my NEOS overshoes to be the ticket for all terrain footwear. I use them often in the snow, and I really like the surveyor overshoes because they go up to my knee, so there’s no need for snowpants to go through deep powder and snowshoeing. They are easy to put on, keep me warm and dry, and best of all I can wear comfortable runners with good arch support inside. When I get back to the truck, they just pop off and I’m able to drive home in my running shoes nice and dry. I’ll be ordering an insulated pair soon to try for snowmobiling in the back country!

Barrie W.

January 5, 2017

Most of our staff are now using the NEOS Overshoes (two of our mechanics are shown in the picture attached) – they are great at keeping everyone safe in Winter conditions and are lightweight and very warm.

Trish R.
Ottawa Valley Railway

January 4, 2017

My son wears an orthopedic brace and shoes with special soles. It takes him quite a bit of time to put on and take off his shoes, and this was a problem in winter when he wore boots to school and then had to change into his shoes. We got him some NEOS Voyagers and now, he just puts those over his regular shoes and only has those to take off (easy thanks to the design) when he gets to school, saving him much time and hassle. We love them!

Sachiko M.

December 26, 2016

I have been a Neos user for years. My new (last year) Navigator 5 insulated Neos are a great winter overboot. You can wear a good fitting winter hiking boot with the Neos on top to hike and snowshoe (and shovel of course) with warm comfortable feet.

I wore them on Boxing Day to dig out of the Christmas Day blizzard in Winnipeg. Warm and cozy all day.

Bruce E.

December 18, 2016

We provide every one of our field operations employees at the and supervisors of the County of Wellington a pair of Neos Voyager Stabilicers as part of our personal protective equipment (over 30 people).

The staff all love them for 3 reasons:
First, they keep their feet dry and warm
Second, they protect their work boots as we all know they are not cheap to replace
Third, they provide traction on ice because we work outdoors year round and Health and Safety is extremely important for the County of Wellington

I have also included a picture of my own Neos which I keep in my work truck at all times so that I can pull them out whenever I need them!

Thank you, have a Merry Christmas!

December 13, 2016

I bought a pair of Voyagers roughly 7 years ago. They are comfortable and easy to get on and off for us older guys with bad backs. They have kept me warm and dry through all these winters and they still look pretty good.

Howard M.

December 12, 2016

I have needed to wear custom-cast orthotics since I have been in high school. I was born with flat feet, which has resulted in chronic plantar fasciitis, heel pain and forefoot misalignment. As I result, I must wear custom modified orthopaedic footwear - both for work (dress shoes) and athletic shoes (walking and /or running shoes).

I find that NEOS overshoes are extremely versatile, in that they easily fit over all of these shoes. The Adventurers are great after a deep snow, and protect my pants from being splashed from all the slush puddles (I work in downtown Toronto, where snow does not usually stay around very long before it turns to slush) as well as the salt residue. I usually wear the lower Voyagers when there is just a small amount of snow or slush. I love the Stabilicers overshoes as they provide amazing traction on ice or black ice. They are great on the sometimes slippery streets of the city.

All of the NEOS are convenient and lightweight, and are thus easy to pack when travelling.

Alan J

December 10, 2016

The service I received in placing the order and when I called to ask a couple of questions was excellent.

The NEOS Weatherbeater are exactly what we had been looking for and they are great! Enjoying using them as you can see in the attached picture and will be looking at getting some of the other great products you have. Next purchase will likely be the STABILicers with the studs as we have a sloped driveway.

Mike T

December 6, 2016

NEOS keep my husband's feet warm and dry, and he doesn't have to take off his shoes. They look neat and preserve his feet!

Ernie & Susan

November 30, 2016

Having gone through many winter boots over the years, NEOS insulated overshoes were a welcomed gift one Christmas Day. After trying them out, I was hooked! They are comfortable, kept my feet toasty warm and dry. I have used them when I have gone winter bison hunting, ice fishing and winter walking. The NEOS boots I have are not cleated, and for my next pair I would love to try the Stabilicers Ice Cleat Overshoes.

Yukon, Canada

November 30, 2016
Having gone through many winter boots over the years, NEOS insulated overshoes were a welcomed gift one Christmas Day. After trying them out, I was hooked! They are comfortable, kept my feet toasty warm and dry. I have used them when I have gone winter bison hunting, ice fishing and winter walking.


November 27, 2016
They are the only boots that I've worn that I've never had cold feet in. Last year when we were sledding the Abitibi Canyon in Northern Ontario in -40C it was too cold to take off our helmets, but still had toasty toes!

Patrick B.

November 26, 2016

I bought my last pair of Neos Overshoes over 12 years ago. At the time I was taking the city bus to work, and the Neos Overshoes were great at providing extra grip, extra warmth, and thanks to its water-proof exterior, kept my feet dry. An extra bonus was that it also protected my shoes and the bottom of my pant legs from salt-stains.

The 12 years of use of is a testament to the durability of the product! I haven't had to buy any winter boots thanks to my Neo Overshoes!

Scott E.

November 26, 2016

I Love my NEOS overshoes because they are light, efficient, amazing for in and out and because I never got wet or cold feet!

November 21, 2016

I love my overshoes because- they may not be pretty, but they are light, warm and so easy to take on and off!

November 19, 2016

Today marks the first day of snow in our northern Ontario oasis of Thunder Bay...

We enjoyed a lovely but windy hike with our dogs to a local well-known conservation area. Our overshoes are without a doubt, the best investment we've made to date!

They keep our feet warm and dry even on the coldest and wettest of winter days.

Thank you for making such a great product!

World Cup in Canmore in 2014

Championships in Cornerbrook
in 2014
November 4, 2016

OMG, I love my NEOS.

I got them in 2001 when I was coaching cross country skiing. We used to call them "toasters" because it was like your feet were in little toasters. I am outside a lot in the winter - for hours on end as a cross country coach at races and as an official at big races (eg Olympics, World Cups).

With my NEOS my feet have never ever gotten cold. What is even better is that I can wear my running shoes inside - this means it is 10 times easier to stand all day long and I never get a sore back. I rave all the time about NEOS wherever I go and have taken them with to World University Games in China, Italy, and Turkey.

Another big advantage is they fold up reasonably small and are light - which is so much better for the flying. My 3 boys who have raced and coached across the country have each received NEOS for Christmas.

November 2, 2016

The NEOS let you keep the comfort of your original shoe and allow me to easily slip on and off the neos. They keep my feet dry and warm as well as being washable. I highly recommend and love my neos.

October 21, 2016

I work weekends and nights with the Canadian Forces as a Primary Reserve, Light Infantry Unit. Unlike other Units in the Army, we spend 90% of our time in the Field. Whether patrolling through snowdrifts, navigating through marshes or living in a trench in a defensive line, I bring NEOS wherever i go. We are issued kit to do the Job, but i bring NEOS along to do my job WELL!

I have used the Navigator 5 mid gray insulated NEOS many times in Nova Scotia, Goose Bay NFLD, Yellow Knife, N.W.T,, Resolute N.W.T and Arctic Bay (Baffin Island) N.W.T - on an Arctic Adviser course (Feb-MARCH 2014.) With some insulated duffel socks, they kept my feet snug and warm when traveling by snowmobile in extreme cold and undesirable conditions (8 -10 hours and as cold as -60c at times not including WindChill)

I'm looking to grab a pair of the Adventurer black NEOS in the near future as they are well sought after during the wet months in Nova Scotia. I will use them for work and hiking/ winter camping. They will be more practical for long distance movements and i like the idea that i can wear them with my Combat Boots/North Face Hiking Boots, where the insulated i prefer duffel socks, (they are a smidge too small for my boots to fit in.)

October 13, 2016

I have attached a picture of my beloved 15 YEAR old NEOS overshoes. I purchased these in 2001 in Halifax, NS and there were instantly my go-to overshoe during inclement East Coast weather. I have since moved to Calgary, AB and my trusty NEOS have been with all the way. I am now a Stay at Home Dad, and going into the school to volunteer during rainy days and the winter have always a breeze. My NEOS have remained in perfect working order for all these years, despite countless hours of use.

But this year, tragedy struck. My 13 year old son (who now has the same size feet as me) has discovered my NEOS, and I’m officially ready to report them stolen. ;-)

I would like nothing more than to purchase another pair of NEOS and begin a new 15 year journey with a spectacular product.

Thanks for making an amazing product, and taking the time to hear my NEOS story.

Go Solo, Todd

August 9, 2016

Three of us ordered Neos on the advice of our guide and took the Neos on a high Arctic canoe adventure.

Allan P.

July 14, 2016

20 years ago I bought a pair of Neos Voyagers for city winter commuting on public transit back and forth to work. Retired now I use the same boots for winter snow shoeing and in warmer weather, as part of my foul weather gear on the water in a boat supporting race management of sailing regattas on wet cold days. The boots have travelled with me this year to UK, Germany and Florida for race management assignments packed conveniently at the bottom of my sail gear bag. The measurement tables provided on your website help a lot and I will go up a size to fit the boots over my large soled boat shoes since I do not have much need for dress shoes!


June 2, 2016

I have been using NEOS overboots for about 10 years and this will be my 5th pair. I have had two pair of insulated boots and two of the non insulated. I wear them a lot, snowshoeing and hiking when the trails are wet or muddy. They are the answer to my cold feet problems and I can walk through puddles when everyone else has to bushwhack around. In Banff on an organized group camp of 50 people, I was the only one with dry boots after days of rain and wet trails. The other people’s waterproof boots could not stay dry under those conditions.


March 3, 2016

I love my NEOS because I can keep my feet dry around camp without carrying a bulky pair of rubber boots! They fold flat, they're light, and I still wear them even if they've been used so much that I had to fix them twice! Time for a new pair! :-)

February 25, 2016

I love my Neos boots because I can wear Any comfortable shoes inside and be warm. This is the best product I have ever bought. Thanks!

Marie-Chantale L.

February 15, 2016

I used my NEOS overshoes with great success while on a photo shoot near Santa Barbara, California. Great product! The pair you have just shipped, is for Zach, my roofing supervisor. I am sure they will work just as well in the Iowa snow as they did in the California surf.

Wayne M.

February 14, 2016

We're glad to have our new Neos! They'll protect our footwear as we head out to church and other events.

Best regards,
Rev. David Boyle (and wife Edie)

February 7, 2016

Well constructed - "hardly any noticeable wear after three years use".

Practical - "superior traction safeguards against slips and falls".

Practical - "protect your favorite - comfortable - use specific - supportive shoes inside".

Practical - "instantly go from winter mode to inside or summer footwear".

Practical - "be prepared for any/all inclement Canadian weather changes; Neos Overshoes are the answer".

Safe travels, Steve P.

February 4, 2016

Had them for two weeks and love so far. Not too heavy. Easy to put on. Feet are comfy. Now if they stand up to the work load they will be perfect.


January 15, 2016

I am so pleased with your product. Specifically the NEOS EXSG that I show in this picture. I am a businessman in Ottawa and wear very expensive shoes. I can go out and your product and protect those expensive shoes. If I have to go into deep snow, to take pictures, which is part of my job, I have full protection. They are warm and so easy to use!! They just fit over your shoes! All types of shoes. Expensive English Brogues or just running shoes. When I go to the wood shed, to get wood at night.... I slip them over my slippers. I can't believe that stores are not stocking your products !!

David F.

January 12, 2016

I just received the boots, I am thrilled to say. I can't believe they came through so quickly right around New Years. We are on the set of the tv show "The 100". The guy beside me also has Neos. He's the guy that convinced me to get them.

I stamped around all day yesterday going through every puddle I could find to see whether these things would fail. My foot was dry all day. Added to that, even the uninsulated pair I got immediately makes your foot warmer because it traps your body head inside the overshoe. The way they have it rigged makes it so it doesn't flop around either, so a great purchase. I'm probably going to order another pair that has a more rugged tread for when we go into the woods. These things are great.

Derek L.

January 7, 2016

These are my Navigator 5 Stabilicers that I purchased from neosovershoescanada last year. I have been wearing them every day in Northern Sweden while I am mushing with my dog team or out on the snowmobile. I love them because they are super warm even at -30C and they are really easy and convenient to put on and take off.

Jim M.

December 29, 2015

I just received a pair of your winter over boots for xmas and wore them for the first time today. I am a Flight Engineer in the RCAF in Petawawa and we are not issued anything that will keep our feet warm during flight or dry during ground operations.

Your product proved itself during an 8 hour outdoor adventure that included driveway clearing, toboggan in and an outdoor hike. I wore your product over a pair of running shoes as per a friend's advice and I never noticed the outside temperature once.

Your product is amazing and I can't wait to use it in flight

Thank you for designing a superior product that will keep me warm and dry during winter operations.

Greg B

December 27, 2015

I was using since my childhood those old fashioned rubbered coverboots for which the height was never high enough for me to make sure the high level of snow doesn’t enter in my boots when walking around. But I always liked the principle of KEEPING YOUR NORMAL SHOES ON WHILE COVERING THEM WITH PROTECTION AGAINST SNOW AND WATER: IT KEEPS MY FEET WARM. I never liked to put my feet (with socks) directly in winter boots : it was never warm enough for me, and when you arrived somewhere and need to remove them, you find yourself shoeless with a floor usually cold. So...

I found your NEOS Overshoes at MEC in MONTREAL 4-5 YEARS AGO, AND IT WAS GREAT: beside the fact that their weight is lighter, I could now even tighten the top of the boots to make sure the snow doesn’t come in my boots.

I’ve been looking for your overshoes for the last whole year, at MEC and elsewhere: nowhere can I found them, or even find something similar.

Finally, this morning, I went on Google to search for the same type of winter boots I’ve appreciated those last few years, hoping I could order then by internet: I didn’t even knew the name of your boots, but by looking on the one I already have, I could Google “NEOS Overshoe”, and here I am!

I used your boots when working in my garden in the last Fall season! Discovered how useful it was for me to keep my feet clean! I’m using the non-insulated ones, and am thinking of buying 2 versions: one insulated, one non-insulated (because it is still quite warm for my feet to use your boots in Fall time, even non-insulated).

Thanks. – Jean.

December 18, 2015

As with a few other testimonials, I am in the Canadian Armed Forces as well. A few years ago, I saw some buddies wearing NEOS out in the field and was curious. After many glowing reviews, I picked up a pair.

I can say with confidence they have been my saving grace on wet exercises and cold conditions. In the summer they can build up some condensation over time, but it's easy to take them off and dry them at the end of the day and my feet stay dry regardless. In the winter I pair them with duffel socks, an insole combination and superfeet for arch support.

Very warm, dry, and a lot lighter than any other dedicated winter boot! Picking up a pair of Navigators for going up in the high Arctic as it gets deadly cold (-60 and colder Celcius) and my feet need a bit more insulation. I've had my money's worth multiple times over and not looking back.

Connor T.

December 11, 2015

I have had my NEOS overshoes for at least 11 years, possibly a bit longer. I have worn them in Halifax, Toronto, Kingston, and Winnipeg. I've had lots of problems with my feet, but since I am able to wear my runners in my overshoes, my feet do very well over the winter. Even at -20C, my feet stay warm when I am walking around! It is very convenient to have a pair of clean "indoor" shoes on, when I take my son to his playgroup. I tell my friends how great they are, and strangers have asked me about them. I think that they are a brilliant idea!

December 3, 2015

I just receive my NEOS shoes, and love love love them!!! Now I can wear all my winter shoes to any occasions without ruining my footwear, PLUS I am able to walk on ice and snow with confidence!!!

Many thanks,

November 29, 2015

I love my noes. Wonderful to go in and out of the house with the dogs. Need to replace them, have seen better days!

Helene D

November 25, 2015

I've tried so many types of winter boots for work but nothing compares to my Neos!!! They keep my feet warm and toasty. I absolutely love them!!!!

November 24, 2015

My first pair of NEOS Voyagers lasted over 10 years. They are great for keeping your shoes clean and dry through rain and snow, and for keeping salt off your pants, particularly in urban areas. I love my NEOS!

Steven K.

November 17, 2015

I bought this pair of NEOS at least 13 years ago... best boots ever! I love the versatility of being able to wear different pairs of street shoes or even my XC ski boots inside them. My feet are always warm and dry... they've never let me down.

Thanks :)
Daryl Ross

November 11, 2015

I love my NEOS for various reasons, including:

1. I can wear my regular shoes to and from, and at, my office without having to carry the shoes separately and put them on and off; and

2. I wear orthotics shoes and with my shoes. When I use the Neos I don’t have to take the orthotics out of my shoes and put them in my boots, and vice versa.

November 10, 2015
Love my Neos for river boating as I’m able to put them on over my hiking boots when I run aground on a gravel bar or for getting to shore when the water is not deep enough to get in close with the boat. Best boot ever for my use!!

ae Jim

October 24, 2015

I love my Neos because I wear orthotic shoes and I can wear these specialized shoes during winter inside my Neos. They are an awesome boot. I also have one pair of Neos that I use for gardening rather than rubber boots which I find uncomfortable. I'm so glad to know that you carry insulated Neos for really cold weather.


October 17, 2015
My son loved his neos boots because they go over his shoes. These are a couple of years old and too small for him now. It's time for new ones.


October 7, 2015

Finding Neos was a great help to me. I wear orthopedic shoes and could not find waterproof footwear. It has allowed me to continue to do the things I love in all kinds of weather.

Thank you,

September 14, 2015

NEOS are the most practical shoes (overshoes) I have ever had. My Adventurers are beasts, especially when I wear them with different liners...when you go through -40c• you just appreciate the comfort of a liner. In one sentence, I can say that i made my own winter shoes system.

Thank you Neos!


July 8, 2015

I am a infantry soldier with the Canadian Armed Forces and absolutely love your product! After using my friends Neos on a weekend exercise I can say my feet have never felt so good. The reliability of the waterproofing allows me to worry less stomping through ponds, mud and everything else that nature presents. After that weekend I was sold. No gortex sock can do the trick. Theres just no better product for keeping your feet dry.

Julian D.

July 5, 2015
The reason why I love my NEOS is because they are the only true winter overshose for big size! Keep up the good work.


June 19, 2015

I love my NEOS because I'm in the Canadian armed forces and for field exercises and spring mud, these things are the best.

Jonathan D.

May 27, 2015

What a great service you provide. My NEOS River trekkers showed up a week after the order was placed. All the way to Whitehorse just in time for my float plane season.

Thank you,
Martin H., Bush Pilot

May 15, 2015
I love having my Neos on construction job sites. I put them on over my steel toes when it is absolute soup outside. It keeps my boots totally dry and clean. Then when I have to come inside to work, I can just slide them off easily without tracking mud everywhere. I love them and so does my boss. Win win!


April 15, 2015

I purchased Navigator 5 NOE's and just returned from Resolute Bay. We lived in tents for 6 nights and traveled to Little Cornwallis Island using snow mobiles. The boots were fantastic. I would not consider a trip north of 75 degrees without them.

Dave B.

April 10, 2015

I purchased my NEOS from The Brown Bear who have been excellent to deal with to solve my needs.

I race DN Ice Boats for a hobby. We start racing similar to the Olympic bob sleds where you push your boat as fast as you can and then jump in. We use runner shoes with ice picks for traction to start the race and when you are finished racing, standing on the cold ice is tough on your feet!

Now with my new NEOS, with ice screws...my feet are toasty between races and I still have plenty of traction on the glare ice.

Thanks The Brown Bear!
Peter Van R.
Kingston, Ontario

April 9, 2015
I would like to share with you why I like to wear NEOS. I Have a problem with my feet and must wear a certain style of running shoe. NEOS are the best overshoes to wear over my running shoes. I like to wear them when there is snow or rain. They are light weight and slip on and off easily. I have been wearing them for many years around the farm.

Joe M.

March 13, 2015
Well I've had my Neos boots about 4yrs now, and I think they are the best things to keep feet an shoes dry from rain, snow, and cold...I got them as a gift on a tv show I worked on, (Covert Affairs) the 1st season but now it is time for new ones.


February 26, 2015

I purchased a pair of NEOS when I was in the States about 3 years ago. I have a farm and often in the woods cutting trees in deep snow during the winter. These have to be the best boots to keep your feet warm no matter how long you are knee high in snow. They are so good and I talked about them so much that my father in-law went and got a pair and he is now saying the same thing. The best boots any Canadian can own.


February 22, 2015

I love my NEOS and want to order more. So easy and quick to put on and they come high up past my ankles preventing my feet from getting wet in snow over 5 cm.

February 20, 2015

Just wanted to let you know how much I love my NEOS. I've been wearing them everyday since we got about 2 feet of snow, and my feet have stayed dry. I have been telling EVERYBODY about this product. I work with about 200 letter carriers and we all hate having wet feet. Your product has proven to be the only thing that works time and again.

Thank you,

February 19, 2015
I have been wearing NEOS Overshoes for 20 years now and they are the best boots around and the only ones that I can wear in the winter easiest to get into . The plain ones hold out the extreme cold and water quite well. There is no other product around like this and congrats to the manufacturer on a great job well done.

I have braced orthopedic boots for my medical condition. I can not go outdoors in my regular orthopedic boots without the NEOS in the winter, the NEOS foot tread add huge stability and mobility.


February 18, 2015

I am a member of the Canadian Armed Forces (pilot in a tactical aviation unit) and I was told by many coworker about how the NEOS winter overboots work nicely in the different environment we are put in. At the end of January I was on an exercise in the field for 2 weeks and wore those boots. I was very please of how warm and how well they fitted over my combat boots. Right after that exercise, I was told to go on an Arctic Survival course in Resolute Bay, Nu for 2 weeks. That course consist of learning technics on how to survive in case of a crash in the Arctic region as an aircrew.

So on this intense course, we had a lot of work to do and I decide to bring my NEOS winter overboots and give them a try. The hard part of the course was to be outside without possibility to go inside for 4 days and 3 nights, as we slept outside in igloo and snowcave. We had extreme conditions, the temperature vary between -35 to -50 degree celsius during the winter season. During the survival period of 4 days, we encounter a blizzard on the first day with winds up to 70 km/h. On the second day, we hit a low -66 degree celsius during the day. The weather during that period was very bad. But I can tell you I was very please to have my NEOS winter overboots in my feet with duffle socks. My feet were chilled, but never got cold and it probably saved me from having frostbite. I was impressed on how well they reacted and worked in extreme condition.

Jerome T.

February 16, 2015
NEOS are the best gift I ever received, I can throw them on w slippers on, sneakers but prefer my work boots they do turn any shoe into winter boots. Thanks for a great product I wish we could brag and have a made in America label on them.

February 11, 2015
My boyfriend got me my first NEOS and I love him for that (+ other reasons). I love my NEOS because I can wear my dressy boots and shoes to work .. in the winter .. without ruining them. Winter slush and salted sidewalks ruin all of my footwear making these bad boys a godsend! My Neos are also insulated - so I've used them over my running shoes when my bf and I went snowshoeing last weekend. My feet had nothing to complain about! I love them so much!!


February 11, 2015

NEOS are great for city wear. Great to walk through puddles. Great to protect cuffs of pants from getting soaked and getting frayed from dragging on the sidewalk. Easy to put on, take off, easy to pack for traveling.

Gerald W.

February 5, 2015
So... Why I love my NEOS overshoes?

Working with sled dogs kind of means being outside a lot during the winter. You have to take care of your dogs, whatever the weather.

You can ask Fuzzy, the handsome redhead in the pictures. He's happy when I dress up all nicely, with my head, my buff, my down jacket and... my NEOS overshoes. Because that means I can go out without getting cold.

When temperatures go up, I can take off a lot of my clothes, but not my NEOS overshoes. With slush all over the place, they prevent my shoes from getting wet. Result: Fuzzy is still a very happy dog


February 3, 2015

I love my NEOS overshoes as they keep my boots dry in the show, so I don't get cold!!


January 29, 2015
Toute personnes qui travaille dans un bureau doit avoir cette botte car elle est chaude et on peut protéger nos pantalons puisqu’elle est haute.


January 29, 2015

I use my NEOS shoes all the winter when it's really cold outside because I'm doing maintenance on rooftop and it is always very windy on the roof. It helps me keeping my feet warm.


January 27, 2015

For years I have used NEOS overshoes while working in the film business in all types of weather. After 12 hour on your feet, most rubber boots leave your feet aching and chaffed. With the NEOS overshoes I can wear comfortable running shoes all day regardless of the weather and my feet are happy! In addition, they just pull off when the crew shifts locations to an interior and I am ready to go immediately! Amazing product!


January 18, 2015

Bonjour le produit et de très bonne qualité. Ces ma deuxième paire de couvre chaussures du même modèle je suis très satisfait de se produit la première paire ma duré aux moins 10 ans et elle sont encore bonne mais usé pour se qui est du service je vous donne un 10\10, merci encore pour le service.

Mario P

January 11, 2015

Hi, I just want to let you know finding NEOS was a great help to me. I wear orthopedic shoes and could not find waterproof footwear. It has allowed me to continue to do the things I love in all kinds of weather. They are great - I love them. I am now ordering an insulated pair. Keep up the good work.

Jonathan K.

January 4, 2015

Love my Neos!!! The Traction is so great in the deep snow.

Thinking about getting some insulated stabilicers for the Canada cold and ice.


December 18, 2014

I had surgery to repair a broken ankle last November and unfortunately it did not go well. I have a rod, 6 screws and 2 nails and cannot move my ankle anymore. It is also "off set" and I require orthotics to walk. Given that I have only three pairs of customized shoes and there doesn't seem to be anything in a mainstream boot that I can get into, my chiropodist recommended your product.

I checked them out on line and hesitated - they seemed so big and masculine. My work requires that I go to people's homes on a regular basis. I have been wearing my shoes and struggling with putting on those bootie things over my shoes when I'm in client homes. Now that we have snow, my shoes just don't work, my feet and pants are wet and cold. The booties stop me from tracking snow into the homes but are a struggle to get on and are slippery to walk in.

Saturday (Dec 13th) I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and ordered a pair of NEOS adventurers. To my delight they arrived on Tuesday Dec 16th, which is quite amazing given the rural area in which I reside. I put them on and was amazed. They are light, easy to get on and off, accommodate my specialized shoes, have a great tread and keep my feet and lower leg warm and dry. Hoorah!

My only complaint would be the colour selection - something other than black (red?, hot pink?, lime green?) might be more fun! So while I am probably not the typical NEOS client, they have certainly been a wonderful solution to my unique situation.


December 14, 2014

Ever since I was introduced to NEOS 15 years ago, I realized this is an essential must have item living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada!!

The last number of winters have been brutal and my NEOS have performed amazing!


December 16, 2014

I got my NEOS overboots about ten years ago at an outdoors supplier when I was doing a Geophysics job. They were awesome and I could just take my hikers or bogs out of them to drive. They are lightweight and easy to put in my luggage. They are looking a little ratty now after ten years of bush and farm work, so may need to get another pair!!

Thank you, Leigh

December 8, 2014

I love my Neos especially as a combat arms soldier in the Canadian Forces because the terrain we are sent to conduct operations in is most of the time very harsh. Be it Wainwright, Gagetown or my home base of Valcartier any exercise, range or training day is sure to include mud, water, snow and cold in some form or another and I never pack my patrol bag before going out without my Neos. A soldiers best friend even above his rifle is his feet and to take care of them it's essential that I have my Neos!

Keep up the good work.
God bless

December 8, 2014

These NEOS Uptowners are THE Winter boot for me. I can't remember exactly when I purchased them, but it's been at least 10 years ago, by accident when I was purchasing a coat in Ottawa. I never heard of NEOS, but as soon as I saw them and tried them on, that was IT- I have never looked back.

They keep all my shoes dry and my feet warm throughout the Winter and they're quick to put on. I often have other people remarking on them; I note that they look and wear so much better than the traditional rubber galoshes. I need to buy a second pair now, not because they are worn out (not), but because my new shoes will not fit into them.

You can't go wrong with these overshoes.
Neil B.

December 5, 2014

I have owned my Neos for approximately 15 years and they are still in great shape and I wear them all the time and I love them!! I live in Northwestern Ontario on top of Lake Superior in a small community called Terrace Bay and we get lots of snow. We love to walk our pup daily and with the amount of snow we get these are perfect. For the industry I work in it is important for me to be able to remove my boots when I enter a customer’s house and these Neos are fantastic for that as well as keeping my feet warm and dry. I need the little extra height in them because of all the snow we get here, and I am also thinking about getting my wife some for Christmas.

Thank you
Mark A.

December 1, 2014

My NEOS...get lots of intrigued looks. There they are, waiting for me by the door!

I always have warm and dry feet. I've had a couple pairs over the years.....and now, buying some for my 2 young sons!

Eric L.

December 1, 2014

My first pair of NEOS was passed down from a cousin ... and I've been wearing them ever since ... that was 10-12 years ago!

They're everything your site boasts : and then some! I plan to upgrade mine soon .. they've lasted exceptionally well - but I've got the basic model and the STABILicers are an amazing design!

I live on the Gaspé Coast and plan to share the love & start a NEOS trend :)

Thank you for this amazing concept!
Juliana B.

December 2, 2014

Wow, talk about service. I ordered my overboots on the weekend, and here they are, in my mailbox on Tuesday. They fit my hiking boots perfectly, and they are exactly what I was looking for. And extremely well and professionally packaged, too.

Nice job. If the product is half-as-good as the service, I made a good choice, indeed.


November 23, 2014

I am the one on the far right in the picture. Best piece of kit I own. They are versatile. They keep my feet warm and dry. My shoes are also left dirt free.

November 23, 2014

Anytime , any weather, any rocks, ice or whatever we can hike with our Neos! This in the French Alps in a place call Lauvitel (meaning lake) where this icy water is coming from!

Henry M.

November 22, 2014

I am a letter carrier with Canada Post and have been wearing NEOs for the past couple of years. Today I experimented with my NEOs putting some ices replacement cleats into the sole. The icers that we are issued are not ideal as they do not stay in place in extreme weather so I was looking for an alternative. I was impressed with how the NEOs worked in ice, but also impressed that they did not lose traction on ceramic floors, as my boots do with the cleats. I was so impressed that I thought that this would make an excellent gift for my dad and I would install some cleats. When I signed on to your website I was surprised to see that you offer a product with the icer cleats installed.

Jason B.

November 17, 2014

I love my NEOS...and, apparently, so did somebody else. No photo is attached, because my NEOS got stolen.

My family and I are just back from five years abroad, in a place where there was no need for the convenience, warmth and shoe-protection of my NEOS. They stayed in our Ottawa home, which was rented out. Somebody among our renters knew a good thing when he saw it: along with my best garden shovel and a pair of ice skates, my Neos were among the Missing In Action items as our first fall/winter back in Canada.

I'm a basketball coach, and NEOS are just the thing for a northern hoops guy: by car, by foot, or even on my bike when the streets aren't too slick, I can just slip my NEOS over my basketball shoes, get to whatever gym I'm coaching in, slip 'em off and I'm ready to blow my whistle. Not having to change shoes might seem like a minor thing, but when you're running from pillar to post the way I sometimes do, it makes my life easier. One less thing to think about.

I have just ordered another pair, and look forward to having my Villagers. Today, it's a wet and snowy day in Ottawa, and I'm either having to carry my gym shoes on top of all the other gear I'm transporting, or soak my sneakers as I bike through the slush. Not for long, though!

James H.

November 16, 2014

I love my NEOS because they, together with a set of light, breathable boots are the by far the best combination of winter and wet weather boot I have been able to find.

I am in the Canadian Army and I have used this combination of boot and NEOS overboot on winter exercises (snowshoeing and hiking) in Norway and back at home in Canada. I have also used it for hiking and hunting during the late fall.

The system is perfect for wet, transitional weather. In the rain, the NEOS keep the water out perfectly and yet are extremely light. In the snow, the NEOS keep the snow from contacting and melting into my boots but have the added benefit of allowing me to wear a breathable boot so that my feet are kept dry from my own sweat. The sweat condenses along the inside of the overboot and collects at the bottom under the soles of my boots, keeping my feet high and dry! At the end of the day I simply pour this condensate out of the overboot, extremely pleased that I don't have to try to dry that liquid out of a felt boot liner or out of an army boot, etc. It allows my feet to stay dry day after day, and those who know about winter operations know that dry = warm.

Thanks for this product! It has been the best investment I have made in field apparel as a soldier, and as someone who spends time outdoors all year round.

My only suggestion is that you offer this product in a white or light grey colour.

Andrew C.

November 12, 2014

My name is Anthony and I am a letter carrier in Quebec since 1998. For the past 7 years have been using NEOS Overshoes and I love them. It’s a good product. They are light, comfortable and waterproof... The best friend to the mail man in winter!

Than you
Anthony B.

November 3, 2014

How do I describe the best boots I've ever owned (and I'm a senior citizen)? You wouldn't guess it to look at the attached picture, but take into account that's after 15 (count 'em) Canadian winters. So the Neos have finally worn out. Can't say I've ever had any other pair of boots that lasted long. No complaints here, just kudos.

Light weight. That amazed me from day one and still amazes me. How do you do that? Nobody else seems to have figured out that one. Add to that they're waterproof to boot (pun intended), and boy have I ever test these boots on that one (the waterproof part). Toronto winters are an exercise in slush, wet, water, salt, snow, that's just the easy winters. Not a leak. Not one in fifteen years.

Easy to put on and take off. Clip and velcro. No cold wet slushy laces. Good design there. BTW, these were the uninsulated boots. Really? I've never had such a warm pair of boots. Geesh, if this is uninsulated, then your insulated boots must be good for the south pole.

So let's look at the summary here: light weight, dry, and warm. That's pretty good right there.

But I'll tell you what I really like. There's no lack of locations hereabouts which require that you take off your winter boots upon entering. It's almost like an unofficial law. So I do. Now you just know what's going to happen next. Some uptight stuffed shirt calls me to task for walking around in my summer running shoes (guess what I was wearing inside the voyager boots), and tells me to take off the running shoes so I don't track snow and slush. With a small smile on my face, I take the stuffed shirt over and point out my slush-covered voyager boots at the front door. End of discussion. Stuffed shirt disappears.....I love doing that.

Best regards,
Richard B

October 14, 2014

I have attached a pic showing my Neo-boots of more than 10 years.

Yes they are not clean since they are used frequently in inclement weather; rain, snow, ice and sleet. While I wear them to work and shopping, they excel during outdoor activities (walking, jogging, hiking, etc.) in inclement weather.

They are highly functional in terms of allowing me to perform outdoor activities in weather that would otherwise keep me inside. They have never caused any blisters or leaked or damaged my shoes. In fact, the boot still performs with a half broken buckle (I have not had the time to order a replacement).

In am now planning to test these boots in a new environment. My next trip involves a 4-day hike in Virginia/North Carolina along the coast where sand will be an issue. Based on an internet search, there is no consensus as to what footwear is most appropriate for hiking in sand. Of course, I believe these boots will work both in terms of the sand and the coastal rain storms. I have decided that the NEOS Voyager Overshoes Non-Insulated is the product to use (My only reservation is whether I should go with the higher cut boot...I will do the R&D!!)

Keep on making quality products that are highly functional!!

Gary L.

October 14, 2014

I work in the film industry and on a lot of shows we make rain. When we make rain it is a continuous down pour until the shot is over and sometimes the entire night is a rain day on set. No matter what, natural rain or movie rain my NEOS always keep my feet dry, would not even consider another product. NEOS allows me to wear my everyday shoes in wet conditions and my feet stay comfortable and dry.

Thank You NEOS
Jon S.

September 23, 2014

I'm a home inspector in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We get lots of snow and I am able to trek through the deepest snow and never get wet or cold. With all the freeze thaw cycles and freezing rain we get the Navigator 5 STABLEicers have saved my back more than once. I often have to inspect houses that are vacant in the winter and the houses are very cold. Being able to have clean dry shoes on in Neos keep my feet warm and safe when I’m in the houses walking around instead of walking around in my socks.

Thanks Mark

June 20, 2014

I am weather observer in the high arctic in Eureka Nunavut and Alert Nunavut. I have to do weather observations, ice surveys and snow surveys and always have my NEOS with me.

The pic enclosed is me and another tech at an ice survey in Eureka in December 2013. It was 24 hour darkness and about -33'C.

May 20, 2014

My name is Adam and I love my Neos. I work in the film industry in Canada, that's me on the far left of the photo. With the unpredictability of Canadian winters, I constantly have to be ready to adapt to any weather scenario - that's where my Neos come in.

The morning started off clear and my hikers were more than enough to compete with the temperatures. When all of a sudden the storm started rolling in, it only took me 10 seconds to zip my Neos on over my shoes, protecting me from the wet elements and providing more than enough insulation to keep me warm the rest of the afternoon!

Being able to adapt instantly and maintain comfort for extended work periods - that's why I love my Neos.

May 7, 2014

I absolutely love my NEOS overshoes!

I initially bought them for hiking and logging on our cutline which isn't yet cleared of willow stumps that were punching holes in the moose hide of my kamiks but I found my NEOS so versatile, comfortable and easy to slip on and off that I ended up wearing them ALL the time!

My kamiks remained dry on the spring snow n ice of Yellowknife, NWT. My husband was very jealous, now he wants a pair of the Adventurers as his kamiks don't come up as high as mine.

Thank you NEOS for a great and well made product!
Kim D.

April 29, 2014

I bought my NEOS to hike the AUYUITTUQ TRAVERSE with three friends.

The Auyuittuq Traverse is a two week backpacking expedition from Broughton Island across Akshayuk Pass to Pangnirtung in Nunavut.

High in the pass is an awesome view of Mount Asgardthrusting through the surrounding glaciers. Then, we will reach Thor peak soaring 1500 metres up out of the valley floor, with the longest uninterrupted cliff in the world.

As we hike up the Owl River Valley and down the Weasel River Valley, we will cross the Arctic Circle and several glacial creeks. Not surprising, the main challenge from this expedition is river crossings, our NEOS would be our best friends for a few days. I tested them this weekend and I am very confident that my NEOS would keep my feet dry and warm.

I am also very impressed by the grip and the light weight of my NEOS.

Stéphane Roberge
Gatineau, Québec

March 14, 2014

Absolutely the best overshoe ever. I used to be in the Combat Arms and we were issued overshoes (nickname rubber gumbies) that were super heavy, hard to put on, and you felt at the end of the day you had just carried 10 extra pounds. Whereas rhe NEOS are the total opposite. What a great product!

Had to phone your company which was very helpful with my decision. In addition I wear orthotics and large ankle braces which goes high up my calf. The NEOS have no problem accommodating these applications. 

John C. (Ottawa, ON)

March 26, 2018

Hello Friendly NEOS Folks

I positively LOVE my Blue NEOS Weatherbeater overshoes as they have faithfully protected my expensive Blundstones boots as well as my favourite running shoes from the ravages of winter and all the salt and sand that is put on the roads.

Also, given the bright Blue color, they really standout and I get at least three enquiries a week as to where I got them.

As I walk down the street, my precious feet and shoes shod in the Neos Weatherbeaters, I can see people looking at them since they are that bright blue as well as very functional.

That's why I LOVE my Neos Weatherbeaters!

Gautam S.

March 9, 2015

I love my Neos overshoes...I work for Canada Post as a letter carrier and I love the light weight and easy of use as they just slip right over the shoes I wear all year long. I have shown many co-workers and have sold them on the idea of how well they work since we do so much walking and have to deal with many different types of weather conditions. I have now decided to purchase the non-insulated ones to use for the spring and summer months.

Mario D.

February 24, 2015

I deliver the mail, and these overboots keep my feet and pants warm and dry. Come off quickly when I need to go into office buildings.


February 20, 2014

I love my Neos overshoes because they give me the protection of traditional overshoes with a smart modern look, and are much easier to put on and take off. As a priest who must often travel in snowy weather to conduct prayer services. It is much more convenient to just put on my Neos over my dress shoes than to wear boots and carry my shoes with me. When I arrive at the church or funeral home I simply slip off my Neos and I'm ready for action.

I also find them convenient for traveling. They collapse into a compact size (1/3 less space than my boots) so I can pack them in a suitcase or keep them in my trunk in case the weather changes all of a sudden. They're also slip on over my slippers if I want to make a quick trip to the nearby drugstore or convenience store at night.

ML (Toronto, ON)

February 5, 2014

I have owned a pair of Voyager overshoes for over ten years. I recently decided to get a new style when one the buckles on my Voyager broke. I chose the Explorer Stabilicer insulated. This pair is even warmer than the Voyager!

Even though the Voyager is un-insulated it still kept my feet warm, because the material is waterproof and windproof. So with this new Explorer, which has the added benefit of traction on very slippery ice I hope to have another ten plus years of safe, warm Winter footwear.

R.P (Toronto, ON)

February 3, 2014

I have to tell you that I have had a pair of your boots for the last 8 years and have never found a boot as good as NEOS. I bought my second pair for work 4 years ago and I wear them nearly every day in the winter, and despite a broken plastic prong on one buckle (which is easily held together with a broccoli elastic) they look as they did when I bought them.

I just want to let y'all know that NEOS, in my opinion, is one of the best products ever made. Extremely durable, light as a feather, stylish and fit perfectly over my favourite shoes. I wish I could buy shares in your company.

Thanks again for making every winter comfortable for me.


January 31, 2014

I love my NEOS Overshoes because they allow me to fit over my shoe and wide foot brace. I feel more comfortable walking around in the winter when I wear them. Every other boot does not fit my foot brace, so I really depend on these.

Dorothy E.

January 29, 2014

I really do love my NEOS Overshoes. I have worn them on two trips to Attu Island in Alaska, the most remote place in North America - the nearest hospital is in Anchorange, 1500 miles to the east. In such conditions, your feet need to be protected as well as kept dry. My NEOS did both very well for me. The picture attached was taken in 2006, just outside of the abandoned Attu Coast Guard Station made famous in the recent movie, The Big Year.

Now that I'm older and have to wear orthotics in my footwear, NEOS allows me the freedom to wear my orthotics and keep my feet warm and dry. I have three pairs!

Gord P.

January 24, 2014

I thought I would take a few minutes and let you know how satisfied I am with my purchase of the uptown overshoe to keep my feet warm and dry during my daily commute.

To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw a few orders come through from various folks in my office who have stopped me to about the shoes. (I sent them to your website)

Best wishes in continued success of your business.

Michael C. L.

January 23, 2014

Hi there and good morning. I am a mailman in Ajax, Ontario. There are about 5 of us using your boots. I have had my NEOS for about 4 years now and I love them and appreciate having them even more in this winter!

Randy F.

January 20, 2014

I have been wearing my NEOS overshoes as winter boots for about ten years. I wear orthotics and orthopedic shoes. I bought the overshoes from the place I got my orthotics. I haven't been able to find any winter boots that support my feet properly. So I don't know what I'd do without my NEOS overshoes. Last week I noticed a little tear in one heel where it's finally wearing through. What else last ten years these days?


January 15, 2014

You don't know how happy I am to know that we can now order from you directly. My first NEOS were bought via LLBean. I had to pay duty on them. I live in Ottawa but did and have never regretted it. I have a disability and walking on ice and snow used to be terrifying! Not as much now. Your overshoes are simply a lifesaver and so easy to put on and take off even with my reduced hand dexterity. Thank you for making such an excellent product!

Roxanne B

January 14, 2014

In 2011, the rainy season hit us in Kandahar, Afghanistan after months of work to construct infrastructure like roads and camps. Being in a desert, and despite several warnings of what the season would be like, I was caught off guard! The pictures tell the story upon itself of how vital our NEO overshoes were. Not only were we able to keep functioning on foot, but we were able to remedy drainage issues while avoiding health issues with less-than-ideal bodies of stagnant water.

I'm extremely excited to learn that you are an Eastern Ontario family-owned company. I wish you all the best - I know that so long as there are soldiers, there will be happy NEOs owners!

Lu L.
Royal Canadian Engineers

January 11, 2014

1. I love my NEOS because they allow me to wear shoes to client meetings. Client's appreciate it when you don't track snow into their office.
2. I love my NEOS because they don't look like "old man boots". In fact, most people seem to think they look rather cool.
3. I love my NEOS because they make me feel secure from slipping and sliding in the snow, and from the danger of getting a soaker during thaws.
4. I love my NEOS because they keep my pants from getting wet and salt-stained.

I think I'm going to love my new NEOS Voyager STABILicers® even more! (I need new ones because my old ones have finally sprung a leak after many years of hard service.)

David A.

January 10, 2014

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words...It is a sad day as I betrayed my amazing trusty salty boots of well over 10 years and ordered a new pair! Though they look intact the invisible repair job of duct tape inside is holding the sole to the upper boot. After much pressure from my wife, children and assistant I will have an internment service upon the arrival of my new Neos Voyager Overshoes! They have given me stellar and admirable service as I am a Realtor and am in and out of homes constantly and rely on the overshoe option. The easy on and off feature far exceeds any competing overshoe on the market to say nothing about the safety of the NEOS soles tempering icy and slippery walkway and driveways!

January 9, 2014

My NEOs have probably been the best thing I’ve bought in the past 5 years. I just have the basic non-insulated Adventurer model. They seem to be exactly right for my use including winter bicycling, snowshoeing, and just walking the dog. Living in the eastern Ontario area, we get enough snow but also this horrible salty slush in the city. The slush is a boot wrecker but all I have to do is just hose off my NEOs in the spring. I’ve also found an incredible combination of wearing my Sorel slippers inside my NEOs. Lightweight, surprisingly warm and convenient. I found out this Christmas that my sister who works up in the Arctic has also discovered the merits of NEOs. And our ex-neighbour who does field based environmental research in Northern Alberta. Great product.

Michael A.

January 5, 2014

I never understood why my boyfriend, a dog sledding guide, preferred to wear his NEOS over his running shoes instead of his Sorel winter boots while guiding. I got a first hand experience as to why this weekend.

We were out ice fishing in Northern Ontario, he was wearing his NEOS while I was in my Sorel boots and we got stuck in some slush. While he got the sled unstuck I got wet feet! He came prepared with some extra foot wear. So he put his back up boots on and let me use his (to my surprise) DRY NEOS. I wore them for the rest of the day. I was so incredible impressed! My feet were dry and warm and it didn't even bother me that my size 8 feet were in his size 12 boots. I will most definitely be buying my own pair and hope to buy him a new pair.

Thank you for an amazing product.

Stacie B.
Haliburton ON

December 29, 2013

This is my neos overshoes. I wear them for my job at Canada Post. My feet stay dry and warm all day and they are very light for walking.

Ottawa Ontario

December 29, 2013

I love my NEOS because they have saved my ass time and time again. I am in the Canadian Army Regular Force and my NEOS go anywhere I do. I borrowed a friends pair once before going to southern Alberta for a week and we got smashed with a blizzard and since then I was sold on NEOS. I've also used them fishing, deer hunting and duck hunting not to mention the countless times I've used them at work.

I Love my NEOS and they're always packed in my truck or my army gear.

Thanks Kindly,
Brian M.

December 22, 2013

At 44 I had my hip replaced. Living in Alaska and having a September surgery, I knew the recovery was not going to be easy. It was difficult to put on shoes let alone the strap on type cleats. Upon an internet search I stumbled across the NEOS overboots, purchased a pair, and couldn't be happier. Easy to put on and take off, these boots helped me recovery faster since I could exercise during the snowy months. Now two years later, I don't take a walk in the winter without them! I can even wear my slippers, throw on my NEOS Stabilicers, and go plug the car in if I forgot to do it with my pack boots on. I have recommend these to friends and colleagues multiple times.


December 17, 2014

I recently received a pair of NEAO as a gift and they have been the best accessory to my wardrobe in years! I especially appreciated them today in the slippery, sloppy, slushy streets of downtown Toronto. The NEOS protected my leather dress shoes from inevitable water and salt damage. They kept my feet warm. And with solid traction underneath, I no longer need to worry about slipping while wearing my leather soled dress shoes. I plan to buy a set for an upcoming birthday gift. Great product – thank you!

Justin W.

December 12, 2012
Once again, thank you very much for your prompt response. I can honestly say your service and assistance have been nothing less than amazing so far. I am very pleased and can't wait to try them out. I will be sure to let you know how they work for me and if they are good I will also be telling all of my crane operator friends about them.


December 5, 2013

I love these boots and here's why. I have wide feet and wear orthotics. When I wear most boots, I don't get the comfort and stability that my shoes offer. When I put on the Neos over my shoes, it's like wearing my shoes outdoors. The boots are so light, I hardly notice I have them on! They're much easier to pack away as they practically collapse flat. Great boots.

Lynne E.

November 28, 2013

I wore my NEOS overshoes the past 5 winters and cannot think of spending a winter without them for the convenience and flexibility they allow. While everybody took off their winter shoes and walked in socks, I stayed comfortable in my clean dress shoes. So you can imaging my horror when - as we are having our first snowfall this year - I realized that I cannot find them anywhere. I look forward to receiving my next pair and staying warm and dry all winter long.

Best regards,
Pierre A.

November 20, 2013

I've been using Neos for the last 12 years when I snowshoe. I snowshoe about 70 days/year and sometimes in 2' of snow. They keep my feet warm and dry and work well over my hiking boots. It's difficult to find the Surveyor model. I prefer the non-insulated ones. Here's a picture of my current Neos.

Lawrence P.
Park City, UT

November 17, 2013

I count cars, trucks and heavy equipment on dealer's lots and my Neos let me go from counting vehicles on the lot to the showroom and the accounting office without needing to remove my office shoes. They give me the freedom to go from the muck to the office without changing my shoes – I love that!

Ben L.
Winnipeg MB

November 12, 2013

I love my Neos! I have used them in very awkward situations like walking in a wetland or outside during big snow storms while I use my snow blower to clean out the driveways of 6-8 senior neighbours' driveways. I love my Neos because I can wear them over my Blundtones, which are my most comfortable shoes. My feet are toasty and dry and most of all I am comfortable.

I love my Neos because they allow me to enjoy being outdoors in the winter.

Thank you,
~David G.
Guelph, Ontario

November 4, 2013

I love my Neos overshoes because I need to have specialized shoes and using Neos overshoes means I can wear my shoes without slipping and falling everywhere I go in our Canadian winters. I get the support I need from my proper shoes and the protection I need from Neos Overshoes.

Kim C.

October 29, 2013

I love the NEOS boot's for Dog sledding, they are perfect.

Dog Sledding Guide

October 12, 2013

I love my Neos. I've owned a pair of Neos for over ten years. I live in Vancouver and work in the film biz. These are the best wet weather boots around. They last as long as I do. And sometimes that's 14 hours a day.

My buddy and I love our Neos. We both work in the film biz in Vancouver. We put your boots to the test.

David D.

September 29, 2013

I work in the ski industry, I wear my noes everyday from fall to springtime. This pair is 4 years old and still in use, but I plan on buying an insulated pair for this winter. These are the best boots I ever owned, they allow me to work both inside and out with simply slipping the overshoes on and off. This prevents my feet from getting wet when I'm inside then freezing when I go back out.

Great boots!

Dan O.

October 24, 2013

I picked up my NEOS boots from the mail station about an hour ago. Of course I have not gone hiking in wet areas yet, but I am really impressed so far. First, let me say why I ordered the boots.

I belong to a camera club here in Halifax and we go on many field trips, often to out of the way and very often wet places. Everyone who goes on these field trips has high rubber boots but I have an unusual shoe size (10.5 4E) and no one makes those boots that will fit my wide feet. I have tried on over-the-shoe boots locally but they are either so tight with my wide shoes that they are impossible to get on or off or, if they are big enough, they end up being very sloppy when you walk, which makes a long hike in marshy areas difficult.

Now the NEOS boots. The way they open up so much makes putting them on and off very easy, even with my wide shoes. Once on, the strap at the ankle makes them tight over my shoes so there is no sloppiness or slipping when I walk - very nice! The wide opening makes tucking my pant legs inside easy and the adjustable elastic at the top makes them stay in place. The velcro strip makes closing the boots very simple and I suspect more durable than a zipper. My only complaint, and it is a minor one, is that the velcro strip is a bit narrow.

NEOS Overshoe has done a great job in the design and construction of these boots - very well thought out. I look forward to the next field trip where, for once, I won't end up with soaking wet feet!

Darryl R.

September 25, 2013

I have been wearing Neos Overshoes for 5 years now. I deliver mail and they are the best footwear for winter I can find. They keep my feet warm in really cold temperatures, and are comfortable in wearing over comfortable sneakers.

Thank you for providing such an awesome product.

Jean K.

September 20, 2013

I especially love my Neos because of my line of work. I am a cleaning lady and I need my shoes to work in at customers homes. My Neos allow me to travel in the winter to my clients house and have my footwear on my feet and ready to go.

If I had to wear boots and carry my shoes, they would be cold to put on my feet in the winter months. Thanks for these awesome overshoes. I love them! I have received many compliments and questions concerning these boots. Everyone loves them.

September 9, 2013

I used to race sled dog in the Yukon Quest and the Neos were essential as they were keeping my boots (and feet) dry when I had to go through overflow, slush and other wet stuff and they also added insulation too. I used them for years, they are now very old and not waterproof anymore. I purchased another pair more recently, the insulated kind, and I like them too although I preferred the uninsulated ones because they don't get as heavy when they are wet.

I plan on buying a pair of the trekker as I am going on a hiking-sailing trip in Chile.

C. Pinard

July 3, 2013

I bought my first pair when I was still in the military and these boots were a life saver when the weather was bad and still very comfortable to wear just for damp mornings instead of wearing the heavy, uncomfortable rubber boots supplied by the army... Now that I'm retired, I still wear these boots when I ride my motorcycle in the rain... Light, compact and WATERPROOF, makes it perfect for motorcycle... I keep telling all my friends that these are the boots to get to ride!!!

Y. Tremblay

June 24, 2013

My Neos Overshoes Adventurer, I love them because the overshoe allows me to stay dry and work outside on rainy days. Good durability and very waterproof!

May 29, 2013

My overshoes arrived today (much quicker than I expected!) and I just tried them on. They fit fine and look like they’ll serve my purposes very well. I can’t wait to try them out! We still have lots of ice here so it will be a while before I get a chance to use them, but they appear to be just what the Doctor ordered! Thank you very much – I’ll let you know how they work once I get out in some water.


April 17, 2013

Neos is the best!

I am more than happy to tell you that because of my discovery of Neos Overshoes, the STABILicers Navigator 5, I had the best Winter of my life!

Everyone at work uses them now and are as happy as much as me!!!

They are tough, warm, light and comfortable.

I wish I could have a Neos Cap or a T-shirt to promote more.


March 18, 2013

I'm actually a Camera assistant here in BC and often spend 12-16hrs in the rain so if they work for me they will work for everyone.


March 17, 2013

I am a serving member of the Canadian Forces and I use my Neos Overshoes in the field to allow me to do my job more effectively and more confortably. Without this product my boots, and ultimately my feet, would be exposed to the muddy wet conditions I am often forced to operate within. My Neos keep the mud and water at bay, keeping my feet warm and dry when others who do not have Neos are cold wet and often miserable. For this reson, I am greatly appreciative of your product and I plan on purchasing a second pair in the very near future.

Spr Wetmore

March 8, 2013

I was in the Yukon for the winter season as a handler for one musher. I discovered NEOS over there. I had one Navigator 5 and really appreciated the comfort, light and how they stuck to my feet easily.

I would like to send you a picture of my Yukon quest one beautiful sled dog race.

Few intense days I never get off my boots.


February 7, 2013

Just wanted to say thank you for the great service and fast shipping for the 6 pairs of Neos we`ve just purchased. Everybody enjoys them.

DND Ottawa

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