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6 Reasons Why NEOS are the Most Essential Overshoes for Today's Workers

Save yourself the hassle with uncomfortable, wet and cold feet whil...
6 Reasons Why NEOS are the Most Essential Overshoes for Today's Workers
With the crazy and unpredictable weather these days, you never know what may hit you when you leave for work in the morning, only to return home 8 + hours later dodging anything from hail to a thunderstorm in between. Many workers have footwear that are essential to their particular workplace whether it is for safety reasons or for dress code protocol. Lawyers and real estate agents wear dress shoes only to find their feet are soaking wet when the arrive at court or a house viewing. Police officers, postal carriers, hydro workers, land surveyors and other outdoor field related professionals, find themselves needing extra warmth or protection from the elements when traveling from place to place while working.
NEOS Overshoes have been designed to conveniently go overtop of your everyday work shoes or boots in order to keep you comfortable, warm and dry while working. That's right, galoshes are coming back and here's why ...

1 NEOS Keep Your Feet Dry

No one likes arriving to the workplace or job site with wet feet! Dodging puddles or waiting for a rain shower to pass over is not always an option, if you've got an appointment or meeting to attend and a time schedule to keep. That's where a pair of NEOS comes in very handy. NEOS Overshoes are guaranteed to be 100% waterproof. They are made in one piece with 500 denier nylon upper fabric and a Perma sole to ensure no water can seep through and get your shoes or feet wet. The fabric they are made of, makes them easy to scrunch down so you can keep them tucked away in your car. They are also very light-weight.

2 NEOS are Warm

There's nothing like standing outside at a worksite, trying to focus on your job, while your toes are freezing! That's why we offer a select line of Insulated NEOS Overshoes for those working in cooler temperatures or working outside for longer periods of time. Our insulated NEOS have a comfort rating of -29 degrees Celsius and are also wind proof. Insulated with a Primaloft® fleece lining and 10mm PU foam insulation upper or 840 Woven polyester upper fabric, our overshoes are sure to keep your feet warm and toasty in cold conditions.

3 NEOS are Perfect to Pack

Back in the good old days galoshes were tacky and bulky to lug around. Thankfully, our overshoes have been designed to be lightweight and compact. They can be left under the seat of your car or easily stowed in your briefcase when not in use.

4 NEOS Make Your Life Easier

It can be frustrating when your shoes are ruined due to the elements and your feet have also taken a beating in the meantime. Treating your shoes and boots for water or salt stains can be expensive and time consuming. Wearing overshoes will protect your everyday footwear and the good news is NEOS are a easy to take care of as they are both washable and durable. They are designed with an easy on/off Duraflex® quick-release closure and adjustable Velcro strap for a quick, secure and tight fit over your shoes or boots.

5 NEOS Keep You Safe

NEOS are known for their solid traction and are considered to be snow shoe compatible. They make walking around in your work boots or dress shoes much safer as they help maintain traction in the worst winter conditions. Some pairs have a security heel that provides added security on snowy or icy ladders or stairs. NEOS either have a Perma sole for high traction, outsoles called STABILicers® that are made with 32 replaceable cleats per pair embedded in the sole for really icy conditions or, for those working in deep snow conditions, there are some with a Vibram Ninja Outsole. All NEOS are designed with an adjustable velcro cuff and ankle strap for a custom snug fit for added safety.

6 NEOS are Comfortable

When you think of galoshes you probably think of bulky and heavy outer footwear. NEOS Overshoes are the complete opposite. Weighing only 2 pounds, our overshoes fit comfortably and snugly over any of your shoes or boots. NEOS come with an adjustable velcro cuff for a snug fit and an optional 10mm removable EVA insole for added comfort. Our overshoes are compatible with orthopedic or custom footwear and fit a wide range of shoe designs.

So save yourself the hassle with uncomfortable, wet and cold feet while working, and take a look at our 15 different styles of overshoes available at NEOS Overshoe Canada. We strive for friendly, personal customer service, fast and convenient shipping as well as quality and affordable overshoes.

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