The Worker Boot

Whether professionally or residentially employed, NEOS cleated Voyager Overshoes bring safety, stability, and protection to the jobsite in unpredictable conditions.

Stay Stable, Stay Safe

K1 Mid-Sole Ice Cleats are ideal for everything from running shoes to work boots. Comfortable and portable, they are a convenient solution for adding temporary but vital traction in inclement weather.

The Right Gear

As cold weather approaches, protect yourself and your shoes from the elements with a must- have pair of durable, weatherproof Villager Overshoes by NEOS.

NEos In Action

Not convinced yet? Check out our wall of fame from customers who swear by NEOS.

Glacier Trek

With new and improved Glacier Trek™ SPK cleats, you can count on even greater stability in slippery conditions, making NEOS overshoes ideal for workplace safety and occupational wear.

Different styles

for added stability on the ice

protect against wet and mud. Perfect for everyday use.

Stay dry AND warm

Here is what you can expect with every pair of NEOS


Volume Discount

Volume discounts are automatically applied to orders with 5 pairs of NEOS or more. The more you order the more you save.