This is our guideline for sizing your NEOS Overshoes (Please read step 5 for combat boots or work boots)

1 - Start by placing your shoes on a piece of paper. Use the shoes you plan on wearing with your NEOS. If you plan on wearing all types of shoes with your NEOS, pick your largest pair or else they might not fit in you NEOS.
2 - Next trace the outline of your shoe with a pen or pencil.
3 - Once you have traced the outline of your shoe. Take a measuring tap and measure the length of the traced picture. Note our sizing chart is in centimeters NOT inches, so you may need to convert the measurements depending on what measuring tool you use.
4 - Once you have the length in centimeters compare it to the size chart on the product page you are interested in.

5 - Please note: with combat boots or work boots, you may want to consider sizing up 1 size, as these boots are big, bulky and taller than regular shoes.

Approximate Widths:

SMALL 10.5 cm
MEDIUM 11 cm
LARGE 11.5 cm
X-LARGE 12 cm
XX-LARGE 12.2 cm
XXX-LARGE 12.4 cm
XXXX-LARGE 12.6 cm