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8 Reasons Why Our Customers Love Their NEOS

We appreciate all the testimonials we receive from our great custom...
8 Reasons Why Our Customers Love Their NEOS
We appreciate all the testimonials we receive from our great customers of why they love their NEOS. Here's what makes them great overshoes and we've got our customers' word to back us up. Some say NEOS are the "best product [they] have ever bought." Let's find out why!

They're Completely Waterproof

NEOS are guaranteed to keep your feet and footwear dry so people love them. One customer who was trekking outside with a group compares her NEOS to the other outdoor footwear worn on the excursion, "I was the only one with dry boots after days of rain and wet trails. The other people's waterproof boots could not stay dry under those conditions." If you wear specific footwear it can be difficult to find rubber or winter boots to suit your needs so another happy customer claims, "I wear orthopedic shoes and could not find waterproof footwear. [NEOS have] allowed me to continue to do the things I love in all kinds of weather." Many of our consumers agree that, "There's just no better product for keeping your feet dry."

They Fit Over Any Footwear You Choose

Overshoes allow you to wear your favourite shoe or slipper out in the mucky, cold or slushy weather and stay protected along with all the other benefits of wearing a pair of NEOS. Our customers love how you can wear your regular supportive footwear inside them. We have several who have told us they wear their NEOS over a variety of different shoes in their closet. From dress shoes to work, slippers to the wood shed or runners to the gym, our customers have told us about the multi use they get from their NEOS. "I love my NEOS because I can wear any comfortable shoe inside [them]." Many enjoy being able to wear their favourite shoes all winter long, "I always liked the principle of keeping your normal shoes on while covering them with protection against snow and water." Another one says, "Now I can wear all my winter shoes to any occasion without ruining my footwear."

They Keep You Warm

Many claim their feet stay warm while wearing a pair of uninsulated NEOS, due to the fact of them being a second layer out in the cold. "Even the uninsulated pair I got immediately makes your foot warmer because it traps your body heat inside the overshoe." However for truly cold weather we have a few insulated pairs to choose from that will keep your feet warm even in plummeting temperatures down to -29C. One customer claims, "They are the answer to my cold feet problems." Another says, "They are super warm even at -30C."

They Last

Many people who have tried a pair of NEOS will agree with us that they are constructed to last. Made out of high quality nylon uppers, foam insulation and high traction soles, all NEOS are meant to stand up to the elements. One user claims, "[NEOS are] well constructed [as there's] hardly any noticeable wear after three years use." Some others have wrote us to say they finally need to upgrade after several years of heavy use, "I have had my NEOS overshoes for at least 11 years." Another, "I bought [my] NEOS at least 13 years ago." NEOS are worth the money because they are durable and made to last. No regular winter or rubber boot will last that long in the salt and snow.

They're Compact

Perfect for traveling or packing, NEOS are lightweight and compact quite easily. Again our customers agree that, "They fold flat, they're light [and not] a bulky pair of rubber boots!" This comment is so true and another great reason overshoes are super handy. Rubber boots are not convenient for traveling and you can't wear them indoors once you've reached your destination. The same goes for winter boots, our NEOS are, "A lot lighter than any dedicated winter boot!" Many Canadians leave winter and rubber boots out of the equation and stick to wearing overshoes outside in the cold or wet weather.

They Save You Time and Money

Believe it or not, wearing NEOS saves you time and money because you don't need extra outdoor footwear in your closet. One pair of NEOS will make it so you can wear any indoor shoe, outside. They are fast to jump in and out of as our customers will agree, "I love them because they are really easy and convenient to put on and take off." And they'll save you money if have to wear specific footwear because you can wear that special footwear inside and outside if you have a pair of NEOS. They'll also save you time as you won't have to switch insoles or orthotics between your shoes and boots. "I wear orthotics with my shoes. When I use the NEOS I don't have to take the orthotics out of my shoes and but them in my boots, and vice versa." A one time cost of purchasing a pair of NEOS overshoes will pay off by saving you time and money in the future.

They Keep you Safe

Have yard duty or trying to cross the treacherous icy parking lot? NEOS are slip resistant. Wear your NEOS for collecting firewood, commuting on slippery streets, or working on the job site and you're sure to stay on your feet. One customers tells us after wearing NEOS, "I am able to walk on ice and snow with confidence!" Another finds it has really helped in his line of work, "With my new NEOS I have plenty of traction on glare ice." Safety first when walking about, and then you can worry about fashion once you get indoors, slip out of your NEOS, with your trendy footwear underneath.

They Keep You Clean

No one likes salt stains, muddy pant legs or wet socks. NEOS will keep your pant legs, shoes and socks all protected from the outdoors. "They are great for keeping your shoes clean and dry through rain and snow, and for keeping salt off your pants." NEOS help to keep you looking your best once you arrive at your destination. "I put [my NEOS] on over my steel toes when it is absolute soup outside. [They] keep my boots totally dry and clean. Then I can just slide them off easily without tracking mud everywhere." That's right. Keep the muck and slush outdoors by simply slipping off your NEOS once indoors. You don't have to worry about getting your socks wet while tiptoeing over the doctors office wet floor mat, or stepping over the obstacle course of boots at the gym entrance to get to dry carpet, because you'll be wearing your shoes or slippers underneath.

NEOS are simply a must have in your closet, backpack or office. Because of the type of weather we endure 3 seasons of the year, NEOS are, "The best boots any Canadian can own." We appreciate the customers who have written to tell us, "Thank you for designing a superior product that will keep me warm and dry during winter operations." We are so happy to hear from you. You'll save 15% off your next order and if you let us know what you think of your NEOS and how they have helped you at work or at play.

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