by Francine Scheuermann

Wear NEOS Adventurer's While Sailing

Weather conditions are nothing a good pair of NEOS can't easily fix...
Wear NEOS Adventurer's While Sailing
Now that the warm water temperatures are plummeting due to the onset of fall, there's no reason why your sailing adventures should stop. Weather conditions are nothing a good pair of NEOS can't easily fix. Inspired by a testimonial we received this summer, we thought we'd recommend the best pair of NEOS to wear while sailing.

We suggest to take along a pair of NEOS Adventurer's while out sailing year-round, as they are easy to pack along in your foul weather gear bag and can quickly be put on in a moment's notice. Not only will these non-insulated NEOS fit and pack conveniently at the bottom of your sail gear bag, but they are slightly taller than some of the other common non-insulated styles. The Adventurer's 15" high leg coverage will help with the extra splashing you experience while out sailing. Keeping you dry, warm and comfortable, these particular NEOS also have a non-slip sole making them great for sailing out on the water. Wearing a pair of Adventurer's will allow you to have stable traction on wet and slippery surfaces which are somewhat unavoidable when out on a boat on a windy or rainy day.
NEOS Overshoes Canada is an online retailer of these superior overshoes that are guaranteed to keep you dry and comfortable during your entire sailing excursion. For any questions or inquiries about the NEOS Adventurer Overshoes, or any of our other NEOS, please give us a quick call or send us an email and we would be happy to serve you. We will help you find the right pair or NEOS and correct size for what you plan to wear inside your new overshoes. We have speedy shipping and a safe checkout so don't hesitate to try a pair of NEOS Adventurer's, today.

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