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NEOS Are An Airline Pilots Overshoe of Choice

A pilots testimonial on why they bough NEOS: These Navigator 5 Over...
NEOS Are An Airline Pilots Overshoe of Choice
As winter approaches, the season brings along its array of difficulties. Whether traveling by foot, car or plane, the winter weather makes getting to and from places more challenging. Airline pilots encounter a great deal of salt, slush, snow and ice while preparing to fly and working around the terminal, during the winter months. The salt and slush can be damaging to their shoes and clothing, leaving salt stains and watermarks. Working in the snow and ice with improper footwear, while doing aircraft inspections, can be uncomfortable and dangerous. NEOS Overshoes will not only protect pilot's dress shoes while not in the terminal building or aircraft, but will also ensure comfort and safety while working. NEOS will also keep pilot's feet warm while outside doing routine walk-around aircraft inspections. That is why we suggest four different styles of NEOS Overshoes, depending on the severity of the weather conditions, that will make getting to and from the terminal building and doing airplane ground work, that much easier.

NEOS Villager Non-Insulated Overshoe (VIS-1)

The NEOS Villager Overshoes are compact and ultra-light, making them easy to take along in your travel bag in case of a weather change. They are perfect for rainy conditions or light snow while working between terminals or doing airplane ground inspections. Each overshoe is made as one entire piece so they are guaranteed to be 100% waterproof. The NEOS Villager has a super light anti-slip outsole. These overshoes are durable and easy to put on and take off quickly.

NEOS Voyager Non-Insulated Overshoe (VNN1)

The NEOS Voyager Overshoes are more durable and offer deeper traction than the Villager. They also work best in light snow or rainy conditions. The Voyager is designed and made as all one piece with waterproof 500 denier nylon upper fabric and a perma sole for high traction. They are durable, lightweight and easy to take on and off with adjustable velcro for a tight fit. The NEOS Voyagers are perfect for snow and slush and are also snow shoe compatible.
Testimonial from Pilot:
"These Navigator 5 Overshoes were purchased for use by our pilots as we frequently fly to the Canadian Arctic in the winter. Our aircraft is a business jet that is modified for our role in providing support to the Canadian military. We intend to carry these overshoes on board our aircraft for survival purposes in the unlikely event we have to land the aircraft on the ice in an emergency and to operate in the very cold temperatures frequently found at arctic airports in the winter.

We will wear these overshoes over our winter flying boots, so large sizes are required. Our intent is to have two pairs in each of our two aircraft in the survival kit, with sizes large enough to fit all of our pilots."

NEOS Voyager STABILicers® Overshoe + Heel (VNS1HEELBLK)

The NEOS Voyager STABILicers® Overshoes are built with ultimate slip resistance for outdoor winter applications. Their wide traction tread with 32 replaceable cleats embedded in their sole, offer unbeatable traction in ice or snow. The steel studs and added heel provide extra safety and security when going up or down ladders or stairs. These overshoes help maintain traction in the worst winter conditions. The Voyager STABILicers® have a durable nylon upper with waterproof membrane which will protect pilot's dress shoes. They have an extra large gusset which makes them quite easy to take on and off. There's a cleat wrench included with each pair inside a conveniently accessible internal pocket. These NEOS have an adjustable velcro cuff and ankle strap for a custom snug fit for added safety. Lastly, the Voyager STABILicers® are compatible with orthopaedic or custom footwear as they fit a wide range of shoe designs.

NEOS Voyager STABILicers® Overshoes (VNS1)

Lightweight yet rugged, the Voyager STABILicers® are the best selling pair of NEOS. They feature an outsole with 32 replaceable cleats, that help maintain traction in poor winter weather with a 2.5 mm polyurethane internal bootie and wrench included. The Voyager STABILicers® have a rugged waterproof 500 denier nylon upper as well as an adjustable velcro cuff to ensure a snug fit.

Pilots can stay protected, dry, and comfortable while working in the salt, slush, snow and ice by wearing NEOS Overshoes. At NEOS Overshoes Canada we aim to get you the best suitable NEOS to meet your everyday needs. We provide fast and affordable shipping with personal customer service. If you're a pilot looking for overshoes, try a pair of NEOS today.

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