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Why NEOS Overshoes Are Better Than Hip Waders

Hip waders are usually uncomfortable with cheap rubber boots that c...
Why NEOS Overshoes Are Better Than Hip Waders
Hip waders are usually uncomfortable with cheap rubber boots that can easily crack or get suctioned in the mud. Everyday hip waders usually make you overheat and are very uncomfortable to wear. Try a pair of NEOS Overshoes instead of hip waders and that way you will be able to wear your favourite footwear inside, keeping your both dry and comfortable.

Perhaps you don't need full hip waders to get the job done with what you have ahead of you but your regular rubber boots just don't quite cut the deep muck, mud or water you have to wade through. May we suggest that a pair of NEOS Surveyors might do the trick nicely. Reaching 20" high up your leg, NEOS Surveyors won't help you in waist high situations but will get you through the knee deep ones. If you need protection wading in that swamp or passing through that knee deep stream, that requires a little extra leg room from your average rubber boot, then our Surveyors may offer just what you need.
If you do need more depth or perhaps a little more of a comfort buffer then consider a pair of NEOS River Trekker Hipper's as they measure 30" to the inseam and are 100% waterproof like all NEOS. If you will be taking water samples or searching for that perfect shot by the falls, then that extra 10" can offer you a lot more that just a little extra leg room. Keeping dry is worth the extra height for sure.

If you will be using your NEOS in cooler or fast flowing water then wearing a pair of boots or shoes inside your Surveyors or Trekker Hipper's will offer you more comfort from the cold than wearing regular hip waders with thin rubber boots for the footwear portion. Not to mention that the rubber boots attached to hip waders are usually super slippery and dangerous to wear in any type of water because they offer little to no traction. With NEOS you gain the high traction sole and comfort of a high quality, durable overshoe underneath you as well as between you and that mossy rock or slimy waterbed.
At NEOS Overshoes we want to keep you dry and up on your feet while you are outside doing what you need to do in unstable waters. If you aren't sure what style of non-insulated NEOS you need, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are a family run business that takes pride in our personal customer care. We are NEOS experts as we've been one of their Canadian retailers for years now. Proud to sell NEOS online all over the country, we are happy to serve you through our safe online store, today.


Please bring back your trekker hippers and surveyors. Borrowed a pair from my neighbor and they were the cats meow.. Now looking for my own pair.

Rod Bennett

In response to: Kris Radke
Sadly, both the trekker and surveyor have been discontinued some time ago. We do hope that they will re-introduce them at some point. But no sign of that just yet. 🙁

The Brown Bear

Are these trekker hippers or surveyors still available somewhere. We are hunters and have a deep stream we have to cross to get to our property and I cant find anything higher then your knees. I hate having to carry our boots across then take off the waters and then put our boots back on. if these are not available do you have any suggestions

Kris Radke

In response to Mike J: Sorry we do not have a catalog at this time.

The Brown Bear

Do you have a magazine for your products? If so I’d like one.

PO Box 8006,
Coburg, Oregon 97408

Mike J

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