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Difference Between the Villager & Voyager Overshoes

Difference Between the Villager & Voyager Overshoes

The NEOS Villager and Voyager Overshoes look like a similar overshoe in appearance, however they are slightly different. Both styles of these overshoes are non-insulated and 100% waterproof. The Villager and Voyager are perfect for rainy conditions or light snow. These NEOS are great for everyday use or to quickly slip on when you need to go outside and don't feel like taking off your slippers, runners or favourite moccasins.
The NEOS Villager is 10" tall weighing 1.6 lbs and the Voyager is slightly thicker and taller measuring 11" and 2 lbs. The advantage to the Villager is that it is a much thinner overshoe than the Voyager therefore allowing it to pack up smaller to take along in your travels or in your car in the event of weather change. The Villager has a super light anti-slip outsole making it smaller and less aggressive than the Voyager. The Voyager outsole is more rugged as it has a perma sole meant for high traction usage. So the Voyager is a little more durable in comparison and suitable for weather conditions that are slightly more extreme.

The Villager is ideal for wearing over your dress shoes as they will buff your shoes while you are wearing them. They Voyager Overshoe is more heavy duty compared to the Villager so they are more suitable for professions such as police officers, military personnel, letter carriers, railroad workers, photographers and movie producers as well as waste and garbage disposal workers to name a few.

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