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Differences Between the Surveyor & Trekker Overshoes

This blog was inspired by an inquiry from an amateur photographer t...
Differences Between the Surveyor & Trekker Overshoes
This blog was inspired by an inquiry from an amateur photographer that likes to take landscape images. The photographer was looking for an overshoe that would allow them to go into rivers and streams, some glacier fed, during the fall and spring when wearing their water shoes wasn't feasible. They also needed something lightweight that would allow them to easily carry the overshoes since their backpack would already be full of camera gear.

We suggested either the Surveyor or Trekker line of overshoes as they are both non-insulated as you wouldn't want your feet to overheat while hiking. Depending on how deep you'd be typically wading into the water would depend on which style you would choose. Here's a breakdown of the overshoes so you can decide which would work best for your style of usage.

NEOS Trekker

The Trekker line of overshoes are lighter and thinner than the Surveyor overshoe and not known to be as tough as the Surveyor. There are 3 types of Trekker overshoes: Trekker (which is discontinued, River Trekker and River Trekker Hipper. Both the River Trekker and River Trekker Hipper are 30" tall with the Hipper style being made out of a way thicker material similar to that of a backpack so they are slightly heavier.

NEOS Surveyor

The Surveyor Overshoe is the same height as the Trekker Overshoe at 20" but is black as opposed to mushroom/khaki. Overall the Surveyor overshoes are more durable with a more heavy duty sole. They are made of a heavier material making them slightly bulkier and heavier than the Trekker style line.

So most likely the best overshoe for this amateur photographer, hiking through streams and wanting something semi-lightweight and possibly packable, would be the River Trekker. If further concern arises about feeling cold while in the glacier fed water, you could add a pair of EVA insoles to help add a little extra insulation. The EVA insoles inside your NEOS will also help if you will be wearing a couple different style of shoes inside such as hiking boots or runners. You will also have to make sure the boots you wear under the overshoes are warm and insulated.

If you are looking for further information on either of these NEOS or have an inquiry yourself about which NEOS we would suggest for your particular usage, please let us know. We are happy to help and want to set you up with the best possible pair for you to get the maximum benefit from. NEOS Overshoe Canada is an entirely online store that ships our NEOS world wide. We have a safe checkout, timely shipping and competitive pricing.

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