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NEOS Food Services Overshoes Are Ideal Footwear For Working In Food Industry

NEOS Food Services Overshoes are the only food services footwear on...
NEOS Food Services Overshoes Are Ideal Footwear For Working In Food Industry
Food processing plants and manufactures, especially in meat production, require that workers wear specific footwear designed for working in industry or food services. NEOS Food Services Overshoes are ideal for working in meat and fish processing plants or other facets of food industry such as manufacturers and slaughterhouses and here's why:

1 They're Easy To Clean

In food processing plants and production areas, it is important that nonporous footwear be worn so that they are easy to keep clean and dry. NEOS Industrial Overshoes are easy to sanitize as they are not made of leather, cloth or vinyl and are 100% waterproof. So when your overshoes are washed in a foamer or foot dip at work, they wash up easily and you're feet will stay completely dry while inside the NEOS.

2 It's What They're Made Of

NEOS Food Services Overshoes are made of a heavy duty thermo-plastic upper with a polyurethane outsole. This nonporous material makes them resistant to animal fats and fish oils so they are less likely to carry contamination. With the many foot baths and foamers that are necessary at processing plants, you'll be glad that NEOS are 100% waterproof so your feet can stay clean, dry and protected your entire shift.

3 Overshoes Are Convenient For The Workplace

NEOS are the best footwear for working in the food industry because they are overshoes. That's right, you can wear your favourite footwear whether it be moccasins or running shoes and NEOS Food Services Overshoes will snugly fit over your favourite footwear. NEOS Food Services Overshoes will keep you protected and clean while adhering to your work footwear specifications. They have an open tread design making them slip resistant on potentially wet and slippery concrete floors. These overshoes have an easy to use strap system and can be taken on and off quickly due to the wide open gusset they feature. They are also lightweight and extremely durable.

4 They're Designed For Food Services

NEOS Industrial Overshoes are designed specifically for working in the food services industry. These overshoes create a successful barrier against microbial contamination that may come from the workers or equipment that travel through food contact areas. NEOS can be used as "plant only" footwear to mitigate contamination coming into the plant from your home. Most workplaces would rather you have a separate pair of work footwear that you leave and clean at the plant anyways. For those requiring steel toed footwear, again NEOS has you covered. Our industrial overshoes also come with the option of being steel toed. This option is designed for the faction of food processing industry where employees need protective footwear due to potential falling, rolling, or piercing objects. So no need to wear uncomfortable steel toed boots to work, as you can wear your favourite, comfortable shoes underneath your overshoes, and guarantee your footwear still meets your industrial workplace specifications.

NEOS Food Services Overshoes are the only food services footwear on the market that meet all the necessary work protocol and also allow you to wear your favourite pair of shoes underneath. They work well in many divisions of food industry such as manufacturers, slaughterhouses, fish and meat processing plants. They come in blue or white and will work for both men and women as they come in sizes XS to 3XL. NEOS Overshoes Canada is pleased to offer Food Services Overshoes for sale online. We have a safe and secure checkout with affordable and fast shipping as well as friendly and helpful customer service. We are here to help, so please don't hesitate to contact us today with any questions you may have. Enjoy a pair of Food Services NEOS and once you try these overshoes you won't want to wear anything else on your feet to work!

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