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Get A Step Ahead With Our Winter BlowOut Sale!

There’s enough of winter left to make NEOS overshoes a purchase you...
Get A Step Ahead With Our Winter BlowOut Sale!
The best way to plan for winter is: be prepared! It happens every year, so there aren’t really any surprises: snow, icy conditions, freezing rain, more snow... You’ve been there. You know it.

So why not prepare for next winter, now?

NEOS Overshoes Canada is having their End of Winter Blow-Out sale, with 15% off all insulated overshoes, including insulated STABILicers®.
NEOS Overshoe Sale
Now’s the time to pick up a pair of the highest quality footwear protection on the market. NEOS insulated gear, like the Explorer, are designed to keep your shoes dry and your feet warm in the coldest of weather. With a rugged nylon upper and waterproof construction, they are comfort-rated to -20°C, even snowshoe compatible! Available with or without cleats.

Overshoes are the perfect accessory for winter work or leisure, in outdoor professions, sports and leisure, or even when working in cold-temp, refrigerated areas.
NEOS overshoes protection against snow and wet feet
NEOS consistently get rave reviews from those who’ve purchased them. Customer “CNL” recently wrote:

"Have had my NEOS for a long time - guessing at 12 to 15 years.

Don't wear them everyday but when I need them they are definitely my go-to.

Warmth is number 1 love, with a very close 2nd of easy on & off. The light weight & good traction are also right up there.

Mobility is not an issue with the way they can be tightened to your inside boot so there is no slop while walking. So getting to a tree stand or to an off the road work location is never a concern when rough terrain is encountered.

Sledding, ATV-ing or even driving with them on has never been a problem. I LOVE MY NEOS”
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View the on-sale collections via the links below.

Insulated Overshoes:

Insulated STABILicers® with cleats:

There’s enough of winter left to make NEOS overshoes a purchase you can still take advantage of. Wear them now, or save them till next year. Either way, you’ll be a step ahead of the game with superior footwear protection and traction.

15% off Coupon Code: WINTERBLOWOUT
Offer valid March 6 - March 31, 2020.
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In response to Hadrian Higginson: Yes, these can absolutely go over a motorcycle boot. Price is dependent on the style selected. The approximate shipping charge for one pair is $35 CAD.

The Brown Bear

Would these overshoes be suitable to go over a motorcycle boot?
What would price be if shipped to UK.

Mr. Hadrian Higginson

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