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Get Ready For Splashing In The Puddles!

Get Ready For Splashing In The Puddles!

NEOS Overshoes offer a great solution to splashing in the puddles this spring. What better away to enjoy that walk down the lane way then by wearing your favourite shoes with a pair of protective waterproof galoshes over top!
Avoid stepping out of your car in a puddle on your way to that appointment, or cross that slushy parking lot with ease while keeping your shoes clean and dry. NEOS Overshoes will keep your footwear dry, protected and looking great while outside during the mucky spring weather that most of us walk through on a daily basis.
Perhaps you are in need of a waterproof boot that fits over what you need to wear for medical reasons. Then NEOS are also the answer to keep you splashing in the puddles without dependence on your current situation.

NEOS offer a great solution for AFO's, custom boots, and leg brace wearers. If you need the equivalent of a Wellington boot but a cast or something else is inhibiting you from wearing them, then a pair of NEOS is an affordable way to find something that fits over your brace or AFO. NEOS Overshoes come in a variety of sizes and styles so you can ensure you have the correct pair of protective waterproof overshoes that will fit snugly over your custom boots.
Please do not hesitate to call and chat with us. We have been selling NEOS to Canadians for years now so we consider ourselves experts at getting our customers exactly what they need. NEOS Overshoes Canada is an online store based out of Westport, Ontario. We sell several different styles of NEOS Overshoes that are both insulated and non-insulated.

A pair of non-insulated NEOS will work effectively as a rubber boot substitute over top of your favourite, comfortable shoes. You can even use non-insulated NEOS over top of your winter boots next year as an extra layer of protection and barrier against walking out in cold, slippery conditions. NEOS are a great investment as they can be used in a number of situations and conditions. We have fast shipping, affordable overshoes and a secure checkout. Visit one of our many product pages, today!


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