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How to Store and Care for Your NEOS

Now that you have your NEOS Overshoes you're probably wondering how...
How to Store and Care for Your NEOS
Now that you have your NEOS Overshoes you're probably wondering how to care for them, since there are no special care instructions included. That's because there are really no specific care or storage instructions needed. NEOS Overshoes are extremely durable and 100% waterproof so it makes them easy to care for. However, to put your mind at ease, we've comprised a simple list to guide you in how to clean, store and care for your new NEOS.


- Keeping your NEOS Overshoes clean and dry when storing them is important. Sort of like a tent, if you put them away wet they can start to smell or have other issue. - NEOS can be easily cleaned with warm water and a soapy sponge or a soft brush, and then put out to dry. - We do not recommend putting your NEOS in a washing machine.

Care & Storage

- You can store them in a closet, or a box, as it does not really matter. - They can be folded or rolled up as it's their compactness that makes them easy to store in a backpack, under the seat of the car, or in a locker at work. - To prolong the life of the overshoes it is recommended that you don't drag your feet while wearing them.
We hope you enjoy your NEOS Overshoes and encourage you to let us know how you like them. We always welcome testimonials and will give you 15% off your next pair of NEOS if you share your thoughts with us. Thanks for choosing and shopping online with NEOS Overshoes Canada.


In response to Rich: Please ensure that you clean your Neos with a clean damp cloth, ensuring that they are clean of all salt and dirt. When storing make sure that they are away from any heat sources. For the holes, we recommend our patch kit:

The Brown Bear

I have a pair of the Neos overshoes and I love them. Only problem is that I have a few holes in the fabric. What is the best way to repair these holes? I was going to try Barge Cement.

Rich Hanrahan

Wear them everyday. I have two pairs and both of them stopped being waterproof within weeks. I wash the mud of them at the end of the day everyday and dry them out for the morning, and I was wondering if you could tell me how to reproof them, and what am I doing that is making them stop being waterproof
Thank you


I love my Neos overboots. I’ve had them for over five years and still get asked where to buy them. They’re so easy to slip on and off—and they offer a layer of insulation.

Don Hache

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