by Francine Scheuermann

Insulated or Non-Insulated? Which Ones Should You Choose?

Insulated NEOS or non-insulated NEOS? Which pair will work best for...
Insulated or Non-Insulated? Which Ones Should You Choose?
Insulated NEOS or non-insulated NEOS? Which pair will work best for you? It's a tricky question and ideally we would recommend one of each but we know that's not practical so here are a few points you need to consider in order to find out which will be the best fit for your usage.
Insulated NEOS are ideal for wearing in the winter. If you are looking mainly for warmth then insulated NEOS can give you warmth overtop of any regular household footwear. They can also be used in conjunction with your winter boots to add extra insulation around your feet. Wearing your winter boots inside a pair of insulated NEOS will work very well in plummeting temperatures because they offer double the warmth. Insulated NEOS are also mainly used for protection from ice and snow. If you plan to use your NEOS only in the winter or cooler weather, then a pair of insulated NEOS are probably your best bet. For example, insulated NEOS are ideal for ice fishing because you can stay warm while staying still in cold temperatures and be sure to stay on your feet while walking on snow and slippery ice.
Non-Insulated NEOS are best to be used when you are looking for mainly waterproof benefits such as a rubber boot substitute. If you want protection from mud and rain then a non-insulated pair are ideal for you. Also, keep in mind that non-insulated NEOS still add an air gap so they can still offer some warmth. Non-insulated NEOS can be worn over winter boots so they have the potential to add to the warmth that winter boots offer. If you want more of an all season overshoe then a non-insulated pair would work best because you can wear them in the spring and fall for waterproof protection and then still use them in the winter over your winter boots if you choose to for extra protection.
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