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NEOS for Prosthetics, Orthotics, Braces & Casts

We realize that AFO's, orthotics, prosthetics, and casts vary in si...
NEOS for Prosthetics, Orthotics, Braces & Casts
NEOS Overshoes are perfect for protecting your shoes, boots and orthopedic footwear from the elements. They are lightweight, durable and completely waterproof. NEOS come in different styles that can also protect more than just your footwear. Our overshoes are also used to cover and protect prosthetics, orthotics and casts. Today we'd like to highlight our NEOS Overshoes that offer mid-leg protection as they are ideal for protecting AFO's, splints, braces and the like.

NEOS Adventurer Non-Insulated Overshoe (ANN1)

The NEOS Adventurer brings mid-leg protection against deep snow and mud with a deep traction sole. They are completely waterproof with a 500 denier tough nylon upper that reaches 15" up your leg. The Adventurer has adjustable velcro to ensure easy on and off as well as a tight fit. The Perma sole allows high traction and they are also snow shoe compatible. The Adventurer NEOS provide comfort up to -18 degrees Celsius and are a little taller than most NEOS meant for only covering boots or shoes so they can cover splints, braces etc.

NEOS Surveyor Non-Insulated Overshoe (SNN-1)

The NEOS Surveyor Overshoe features a Perma sole for high traction and a waterproof 500 denier tough nylon upper that reaches 20" up your leg. These NEOS also have an adjustable velcro strap for a tight fit and are snow shoe compatible. The Surveyor NEOS reach higher up your leg so they can offer protection for AFO's, casts and also prosthetics.

NEOS Explorer Insulated Overshoe (EXPG)

The NEOS Explorer are an insulated overshoe and are ideal for protecting against snow, slush and wet conditions. They'll keep your feet warm, are great to use to run to town, go for a hike, do outdoor work, or work in a refrigerated work area. They have a waterproof 500 denier tough nylon upper with 10mm PU foam insulation. They feature a Dura Flex quick release closure for easy on and off and a Perma sole for high traction. They are also snow shoe compatible and provide comfort to -20 degrees Celsius. The Explorer NEOS are not as tall as the other overshoes we have recommended so far, as they only reach 11" up your leg, but they fit orthopedic footwear quite well.
We realize that AFO's, orthotics, prosthetics, and casts vary in size, shape etc., so please do not hesitate to contact us so we can help you find the perfect pair of NEOS Overshoes to help meet your needs. We strive to give our customers the best service, selection and prices as well as offering affordable and fast shipping. We care about ensuring your braces, splints and casts stay protected from the elements so let us help you find a pair of NEOS Overshoes today.

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I wear a men’s 71/2 shoe I have a brace on my left foot. I have a pair of Neo overshoes and have had them for years but they are not wide enough to fit my left foot with a brace on it. The left shoe has bumper on it so I do not roll my foot. Please help me I have a 1/2 foot of snow in my yard and need to get out with something on my feet. Thank you

Kathleen Asich

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