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NEOS Uptowner X - Why You And Your Dress Shoes Will Love Them!

NEOS Uptowner X - Why You And Your Dress Shoes Will Love Them!

Off to court, walking across town for an appointment, or making your way downtown for a meeting? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to continue to wear your dress shoes for when you arrive at your destination? Icy streets, slushy sidewalks and slippery stairs are no match for high heels or dress shoes. While wearing NEOS Uptowner X overshoes it's completely possible to stay dressed up between locations and still remain dry, warm and comfortable.
With NEOS insulated Uptowner X you are able to get where you need to by simply placing your lightweight overshoes over top of your dress shoes. There's no need to wear uncomfortable dress boots that make you feel damp, cold, uncomfortable and offer little to no traction. Not to mention that when you wear boots you have to carry your footwear along with your briefcase and other belongings while walking in treacherous winter conditions. Not only is lugging winter boots inconvenient but also time consuming. The best solution is to quickly slip into a pair of waterproof and very warm pair of insulated NEOS Uptowner X overshoes. Then when you get where you need to be you can easily store your compact NEOS under your desk or they will even fit conveniently in the side of your briefcase. The NEOS Uptowner X are meant for professionals and city workers so they are designed to wear over men's or women's dress shoes. Weighing only 3 pounds and leaving you comfortable to -29 Celsius, these insulated overshoes are a must have for any city commuter.
Stay safe and keep your high heels or dress shoes looking their best with no salt or water stains when you use NEOS. Take a look at our easy-to-use online shopping store that supplies Canadians with the best type of overshoes for our harsh winter climate. We offer speedy shipping with great service care that is both friendly and helpful. Stay protected from the elements this winter while still looking your best with a pair of NEOS Uptowner X overshoes.


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