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Our Proof Is In The Pudding

Our Proof Is In The Pudding... Ok so this isn't a typical title for...
Our Proof Is In The Pudding
Ok so this isn't a typical title for one of our blogs but our proof is really in the pudding. Take a look at our testimonial page and you'll find that there are tons of different reasons that people who have purchased NEOS Overshoes absolutely love them.
NEOS Overshoes Picture Outdoors
Buckle NEOS Overshoes
You'll see a common thread through our testimonials that our customers love their NEOS because they are easy to put on and take off, keep feet dry in rainy or snowy weather and warm in cold temperatures. Let's take a quick look at some more specific reasons why people truly love their NEOS.

They're Rugged

Our customers find that NEOS are rugged meaning that it doesn't matter how rough the terrain is or how horrible the walking conditions, our NEOS can handle it. They hold up with extended use in all kinds of weather conditions. Some of our customers have worn the same pair for over 10 years. We agree that NEOS Overshoes are rugged as they are quite durable and hold up well over time.
Treaded Sole NEOS Overshoes

No More Slip and Slide

Avoid slipping on the driveway in icy conditions or sliding in sludge found around the farm. Our customers feel safer outside when they are wearing NEOS because of the extensive tread that they have built into the sole of these waterproof galoshes.
NEOS Overshoes on a shoe rack

They Simplify Life

We love the comments that NEOS simplify life because we agree 100%! NEOS will definitely simplify your life, and your closet for that matter. NEOS we'll keep your house cleaner and more organized because you can downsize the amount of outdoor footwear in your closet. Customers are happy that they don't have several wet or muddy boots lying around. Much easier to quickly take out the trash or put the kids on the bus if you can just pop on a pair of NEOS Overshoes over your slippers to do quick outdoor jobs. They also simplify your life by not having to tie up laces several times a day every time you go in or out. Others find it super convenient that you can toss these galoshes in the washing machine if you want to clean them up.

Really? You Don't say!

We have learned from our customers that there are more places NEOS can be used than we have even thought of before. For example, our customers have told us that they find NEOS useful to wear to the ski hill, or while riding a bike for a winter commute. People also love being able to wear their orthotics in their overshoes. NEOS eliminate transferring orthotics between boots and shoes or not being able to wear orthotics when going outside.
back view of NEOS Overshoes
We hear that letter carriers, pilots, those in the film industry, law enforcement, railway workers and many other professions swear by these overshoes. Whether they've worn them snowmobiling, hunting or for a marshy photo shoot, NEOS have helped many people for several different reasons so we just want to help you like NEOS have helped our loyal customers. Our proof really is in the pudding. Stomp in a a gigantic bowl of pudding while wearing a pair of NEOS, and your feet and pants are sure to stay protected. Please visit our testimonial page or one of our many product pages, today. Too many styles to choose from? Or perhaps you aren't sure which NEOS will suit your needs? Pease do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.
Pudding Cup with NEOS Overshoes

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