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RCMP Officers Love Wearing NEOS!

RCMP Officers Love Wearing NEOS!

We've had several RCMP officers discover our NEOS overshoes and they simply love them. Some swear they'll never head out to work without them because they offer stability, warmth, protection and superior traction.

RCMP officers will find the STABILicer line of NEOS to work particularly well for their line of work because they are ideal for those wearing work boots or combat boots and offer the best traction of all our NEOS. Some have tried the Navigator 5 and agree that they are a good pair of NEOS because they offer the warmth and protection you need while working anywhere across our vast country. The superior traction is helpful on ice, slippery rocks and anything you might come across while travelling on foot in any season. The Navigator 5, along with all our Insulated NEOS offer extra protection so you can wear your warm boots inside them and gain double the insulation and twice the distance from the cold outdoor surface, because of the sole of your boot plus the sole of your overshoe. 100% waterproof and guaranteed to keep your feet warm during long outdoor shifts throughout the winter, RCMP officers are sure to love the Navigator 5's or any NEOS for that matter.
If you have any questions about any of our NEOS or aren't quite sure which style would suit your needs best, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our aim is to find the best possible fit to fulfill your needs on a regular basis. We have timely shipping that will efficiently get your NEOS to you in no time at all. We would love to start processing your order today. Please check out one of our product pages and make sure to email us a testimonial to let us know how great your pair of NEOS has worked for you.


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