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Ready for Anything

Brave the elements, add longevity to your shoes and boots, and prot...
Ready for Anything
“If you’re not ready for everything, you’re not ready for anything.” - Paul Auster
NEOS Overshoes 100% waterproof
We live in an unpredictable world with an increasingly unpredictable climate. This makes it tricky when you dress for one type of weather and end up faced with something else. At times, it feels like we need to be prepared for any kind of conditions at virtually any time of the year! We’ve all spoiled shoes we wore on a dry morning that ultimately turned into a stormy afternoon.

Overshoes are your insurance policy against the elements.
NEOS over your shoes waterproof solutions
For outdoor chores and recreation, or shielding shoes from puddles or slush, the NEOS 15” Adventurer Hi overshoe provides lightweight, waterproof 4-season protection. Its extra-wide gusset is suitable for all types and styles of footwear, from dress shoes to work boots. Easy to step in and out of, it also provides two points of adjustment for a customizable fit: pull tab lacing at the calf and quick-release Duraflex buckle at the ankle.
NEOS Adventurer Hi Overshoes
When weather and conditions change, so does the ground underfoot, making walking hazardous or unstable. The sturdy, treaded Perma outsole adds traction to each step, and is easy to clean at the end of the day. With a -18°C (0°F) temperature rating, it even has a snowshoe compatible heel.
Overshoes for camping easy to pack lightweight and compact
The Adventurer overshoe is designed with a 15” nylon membrane that rolls or folds up into a compact size for convenient portability or travel. Take your overshoes to work, pack them in your suitcase, or bring them with you outdoors in changeable weather or uncertain terrain. Overshoes offer the comfort of wearing and walking in your own shoes under the protection of a durable waterproof shell.
Photography in deep water great overshoes for keeping feet dry
The NEOS Adventurer is suited for both men’s and women’s footwear.

Small - Men’s 5.5-7 / Women’s 7-8.5
Medium - Men’s 7.5-9 / Women’s 9-10.5
Large - Men’s 9.5-11 / Women’s 11-12.5
XL - Men’s 11.5-13 / Women’s 13-14.5
XXL - Men’s 13.5-15

Please remember to go up one or two sizes to accommodate the size of your shoe. For additional details or to order online, please visit:

Brave the elements, add longevity to your shoes and boots, and protect yourself from inclement weather with this convenient and versatile overshoe. Now you’re ready for anything!
NEOS Overshoes

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