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Stay Stable, Stay Safe

K1 Mid-Sole Ice Cleats are ideal for everything from running shoes ...
Stay Stable, Stay Safe
As winter approaches and settles in, temperatures and precipitation can change quickly — especially in Canada. It’s not uncommon to start out ready for one type of weather, only to find yourself battling completely different conditions later on in the very same day!
K1 mid-sole ice cleats for shoes and boots
When it comes to being prepared, sometimes it’s all or nothing.

This happens most often with shoes. A pair of flats or loafers or runners are fine on dry surfaces, even in cold weather. But once snow falls, or sleet turns surfaces icy, you’re at risk of slipping and falling, perhaps even injuring yourself.
K1 Mid-Sole Ice Cleats
The K1 Mid-Sole Ice Cleat is the perfect accessory for uncertain weather conditions in the winter months.
convenient K1 Mid-Sole Ice Cleats for shoes traction
Portable and adaptable to almost any regular mid-size footwear, the K1 is a flexible belt that fits over your shoes, adding instant traction to the outsole.
traction cleats on a strap
traction cleats on a strap you put on the bottom of your shoes
The rotatable design features two slip-resistant surfaces: one rubber tread for mild conditions, as well as a cleated surface with ice-penetrating carbide studs for maximum stability underfoot.
adjustable orange strap on the K1 Mid-Sole Ice Cleats
Keep K1 Mid-Sole Ice Cleats handy
  • in your vehicle as part of your emergency car kit
  • at your desk or work space for indoor/outdoor transitions
  • in your front entrance/garage/mud room for changeable weather
  • in your briefcase, purse, suitcase, backpack for travel
  • for the safety of elderly relatives and friends
adjustable K1 Mid-Sole Ice Cleats on a strap
To Use:
  1. Identify right and left K1 Ice Cleats.
  2. Extend the elasticized band over the vamp of your shoe, and select which tread to go on the outsole - cleated or non-spiked.
  3. Adjust buckle for size, if necessary.
K1 Mid-Sole Ice Cleats are ideal for everything from running shoes to work boots. Comfortable and portable, they are a convenient solution for adding temporary but vital traction in inclement weather.

Available now for online order at NEOS Canada:
K1 Mid-Sole Ice Cleats

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