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There are heroes, and then there are superheroes.

There are heroes, and then there are superheroes.

There are overshoes, and then there are NEOS Voyager STABILicers® — the superhero of overshoes.

These overshoes are tough. They don’t mess around. These overshoes mean business. Rugged, yet lightweight and waterproof, Voyager STABILicers® have outsoles with 16 metal replaceable cleats per shoe for maximum traction in snowy or icy conditions.
NEOS with ice cleats
They are the ultimate in protection against the elements.
NEOS cleat wrench
NEOS STABILicers® are 11” tall with a heavy-duty nylon upper and waterproof membrane. An adjustable hook and strap fastener and velcro cuff customize your fit to protect a variety of footwear and shoe sizes. The Duraflex® quick-release closure makes putting the overshoes on and off convenient and quick.

The NEOS Voyager STABILicers® are more than just a way to keep your shoes dry; they’ll help you power through winter at its worst. Whether doing chores or recreational activities, these overshoes will help you navigate the most slippery of conditions, from shoveling snow to ice fishing. Cleat wrench and convenient interior storage pocket pocket included.
shoveling snow in NEOS overshoes
NEOS STABILicers® are available in sizes Small to XXX-Large:

Reviews posted on neosovershoescanada.com are unanimously positive:
“After trying many kinds of attachments to my boots, these overshoes have proven the best by far.” - Pat

“These are AMAZING! I feel totally secure even on sheer ice. Wonderful for preventing accidents and for going wherever you want - regardless of weather. VERY lightweight & easy to get on & off.” - Elizabeth

“These are the best cleats that I've ever tried!!! Very impressed!!” - Chris

Voyager STABILicers® are your secret winter weapon. Remember to use your overshoe superpowers for good.
NEOS Overshoes Superhero


Jan 29, 2020 • Posted by The Brown Bear

In response to Aop: No they are not lifetime guaranteed. They have a 1-year warranty for any manufacturers defects.

In response to Steve: Here is a link where you can find replacement cleats https://www.neosovershoescanada.com/products/accessories-replacement-cleats

Jan 23, 2020 • Posted by Steve McPherson

How can I get a couple of sets of the ice cleats for my Neos Boots

Jan 23, 2020 • Posted by Aop

Are they life time garanted?
A part broke off

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