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NEOS Overshoes Pass The Waterproof Test

Working and wading through water that is rising and spraying, while...
NEOS Overshoes Pass The Waterproof Test
NEOS Overshoes pass the waterproof test and we have a faithful customer to prove it. This spring we received a testimonial explaining how much a customer, of 12 years wearing NEOS, loves how well they work. Not only are NEOS perfect for wearing over sneakers at home snow blowing, but also for important jobs like during a water main break. Working and wading through water that is rising and spraying, while your feet remain dry, is a real waterproof test and we agree! NEOS are made tough and allow you to work away and get the job done, knowing that you can stay dry and protected. If NEOS can survive the waterproof water main break test, then you know that they are doing the job right.
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In response to Louise Tardif: It does sound like moisture + salt is entering your NEOS somewhere, which suggested that they are no longer 100% waterproof. There is no miracle cure to waterproof them again, but you could try something like scotch guard. Something you would use on a tent.

The Brown Bear

In the last couple winters, when I take my Neos boots off, my shoes have salt stains on them. Does that mean that the waterproofing is finished on my boots. Is there a product that I can use to make then waterproof again?

Louise Tardif

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