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Wear NEOS For Your Fall Preparation Time

Part of maximizing productivity of our fall preparation time is bei...
Wear NEOS For Your Fall Preparation Time
The fall season brings its own set of memories and experiences. Crisp air, freshly fallen leaves and life itself seems to be preparing for winter. Whether it's the squirrels collecting nuts or a friend of yours out harvesting pumpkins for pies, there's a sense of preparation in the air. Kids start out eager for school and those of us who have tasks still yet complete for the year, give our 'to do' list one last go before the approaching new year arrives.

Part of maximizing productivity of our fall preparation time is being prepared ourselves. From what we wear on our feet, to gathering everything we need for cleaning up leaves, being prepared will save time and energy in completing our fall preparation list. At NEOS Overshoes we suggest to start at the bottom with what you wear on your feet and work your way up. We want to help you be prepared by starting off with a great pair of NEOS Overshoes to help you get your outdoor fall jobs done.
NEOS Navigator Overshoes
In my household, there are several tasks and things to get done during the fall from chores to do with firewood, to scouting and setting up trail cameras for the onset of hunting. Hunting is definitely a past time several of my family members enjoy and in a sense, it's another way to prepare for winter. My husband likes to fill our freezer with venison, turkey and goose so we have plenty of wild game meat to get us through the winter.
wearing overshoes wood pile cutting wood
NEOS Overshoes are ideal for anyone out hunting duck and goose because they keep feet dry when out trudging through wet and marshy land. NEOS Overshoes ensure feet stay dry and warm while keeping hunting boots protected. They are lightweight so staying quiet in the bush is not a problem when wearing a pair of NEOS. You don't need a pair of hunting boots as you can just wear your favourite shoes inside your NEOS.

Perhaps you aren't a hunter and you're reading this blog, well that's ok too. If you find yourself out stacking firewood, or raking leaves, you'll find a pair of NEOS handy as well. They are easy to slip on and off and will eliminate several unnecessary outdoor boots and shoes from your closet. NEOS will help you with your fall preparation time - whatever that looks like for you.
racking leaves fall wearing NEOS
NEOS featured in this blog are Navigator 5 Overshoes:

To find the best pair of NEOS to suit your fall needs, visit one of our many product pages or contact one of our helpful customer care team members. We offer competitive pricing and you can shop from the comfort of your own home, on your own time and rest assure that our website is completely secure. We can't wait to hear from you and how much you love your new pair of NEOS Overshoes.
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