by Dana Ruprecht, photos by Trevor Connell

Weather-Proof Positive

The NEOS Adventurer accommodates Men’s and Women’s footwear, but be...
Weather-Proof Positive
The great thing about overshoes is that they make any type of regular shoe weatherproof.

Designed to be rugged, yet lightweight and travel-friendly, the NEOS Adventurer ANN1 overshoe is a great option in seasons where temperatures and precipitation are unpredictable.
NEOS Adventurer Overshoes
The waterproof nylon gusset and 15” upper offer mid-calf protection, and have an easy-access velcro fastener for convenience. A quick-release Duraflex adjustable buckle offers a snug, customized fit, and the high-traction Perma sole gives you a non-slip advantage in rainy, muddy, or icy conditions.
Velcro on NEOS Overshoes
NEOS Strap Buckle Overshoes
Voted “Best of the Best in Overshoes” in September, 2019’s Best Review Guide, the Adventurer is non-insulated but has a -18°C (0°F) comfort rating, and even a snowshoe-compatible heel! Pull them on over any footwear: dress shoes, loafers, runners, even boots. They’re great for unexpected weather changes, but are especially suited to anyone working in all-climate professions: emergency services, postal delivery, the military, surveying, inspections, etc.
NEOS Overshoes in Water
The NEOS Adventurer accommodates Men’s and Women’s footwear, but because they fit over top of other shoes, you may need to go up one or two sizes.

Small - Men's 5.5-7 / Women's 7-8.5
Medium - Men's 7.5-9 / Women's 9-10.5
Large - Men's 9.5-11 / Women's 11-12.5
XL - Men's 11.5-13 / Women's 13-14.5
XXL - Men's 13.5-15
For additional details and sizing guidelines, please visit:

A single pair of NEOS can weatherproof every pair of shoes you own, so protect your feet and brave the elements. That’s proof positive!
NEOS Overshoes ANN1

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