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4 Reasons Why NEOS Are Better Than Rubber Boots

Why not lose the tacky galoshes and try a sleek pair of non-insulat...
4 Reasons Why NEOS Are Better Than Rubber Boots
The time of muddy sidewalks, mucky puddles and sticky driveways has arrived. You may think it's time to pull out the dreaded rubber boots for the spring season, but we have better news for you. Why not lose the tacky galoshes and try a sleek pair of non-insulated NEOS? Here are 4 great reasons why we think our versatile NEOS are better than using non-supportive rubber boots.

You Don't Have To Remember Your Indoor Shoes

Wearing NEOS over your favourite shoes means that when you get to where you are going, you can easily slip them off and you are ready to go with your shoes of choice already on. You can wear your moccasins out for yard duty inside your durable NEOS, or your runners inside your slip on overshoes on the way to the gym. Headed to the office? Then go ahead and wear your dress shoes inside your protective NEOS. That way you don't have to lug your indoor footwear with you to work. Dress shoes never fit well in a brief case anyways. By wearing a pair of handy NEOS, you'll find the possibilities are endless.

They Have Better Soles

Typical rain boots have little to no traction which can make for quite a mess if you happen to slip and fall in the mud. Wearing a pair of NEOS with a high traction sole allows you to wear your favourite footwear, that may have no traction at all, and still stay safe while walking around on frosty sidewalks, slick walkways or a muddy yard.

They Offer You Comfort

Cheap rubber boots are notorious for having no insoles, cushioning or support. So although they keep you somewhat protected from wet and muddy conditions, your feet end up paying the price. Whether you are out for a short time in the rain, or commuting to work in typical spring conditions, your feet deserve to be comforted and well supported as you walk. By wearing a pair of NEOS you offer yourself the protection of spring galoshes, with the comfort of your favourite shoes. If you wear insoles, you don't need to worry about them fitting in your boots, because you can just wear the shoes the insoles fit inside with your NEOS overtop. Our Non-insulated overshoes will also keep your feet warmer than spring boots because you are not standing directly on the cold, wet earth. With protective NEOS, you gain the high traction sole of the NEOS and then the sole of whatever footwear you are wearing, which adds insulation and warmth.

They Are Waterproof

Most rubber boots crack easily so they don't stay waterproof for very long. There's nothing quite like walking around in wet feet and soggy socks, especially when you wore rubber boots intending to avoid feeling that way in the first place. All of our durable overshoes are considered 100% waterproof so you're feet will stay dry every time you wear your NEOS Overshoes. Your slippers, runners or flats will stay dry and protected from the elements when you wear a pair of trusty NEOS overtop.
At NEOS Overshoes Canada we strive to make your shopping experience for non-insulated NEOS a positive one. We are a simple email or quick phone call away. We can help you find the right overshoe for your outdoor spring usage. We have fast shipping, competitive prices and an excellent product. Time to get rid of that old pair of galoshes and try a pair of durable and waterproof pair of NEOS Overshoes.


In response to Lyndon Campbell: NEOS do not “stretch”. If it is challenging to get your shoe in and out of, it will possibly cause friction, and over time could wear a hole.

The Brown Bear

Do NEOS stretch? If yes, does that affect how waterproof they are? I ask because size large is snug for me, without insoles, and size extra large is more than a thumb width too long and are big even with Neos insoles. I want to buy size large, hoping they will stretch a bit without compromising their waterproofing.

Lyndon Campbell

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