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Why Use EVA Insoles In Your Overshoes?

NEOS Overshoe offers removable EVA insoles that can be added to any...
Why Use EVA Insoles In Your Overshoes?
NEOS Overshoe offers removable EVA insoles that can be added to any of our styles of overshoes. You may be wondering why you would ever want or need to use insoles in your overshoes. Well, let's take a look!

Extra Comfort

The EVA material that NEOS insoles are made of is a dense foam polymer known as Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and it has an excellent, durable shock absorbing quality. So, EVA is the ideal substance to walk or stand on. Using EVA insoles will help relieve aches and pains from walking and standing for long periods of time on your feet.


The EVA insoles are considered eco-friendly because they don't use chlorine in producing the insoles. This means there is less toxicity released in the land fill when you discard your EVA insoles once they old and worn out.


EVA insoles add extra warmth and insulation as they act as an extra insulated layer between your foot and the cold outdoor surface you are walking on. If you have non-insulated NEOS, using EVA insoles will extend the length of your usable season by adding warmth to the footbed.


They can be used if you plan to wear different footwear inside your NEOS to accommodate the size differences. For example, if you buy your NEOS to fit over a pair of boots for the winter, you could use a pair of EVA insoles so that your runners would fit inside your NEOS for during milder weather conditions.
Shop at NEOS Overshoe Canada for a lightweight and durable pair of overshoes. Our NEOS products are 100% waterproof and guaranteed to keep your feet and footwear protected in even the worst winter conditions. We have fast shipping, helpful and personal customer service with a secure online checkout. Add a pair of EVA insoles to your NEOS order today and enjoy the many benefits your feet will receive by using them.


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