by Francine Scheuermann

Why Wear NEOS While Motorcycling

However, you need to be prepared for all kinds of weather while out...
Why Wear NEOS While Motorcycling
When motorcycling as a mode of transportation or for heading out for a long trip, it is important to pack tight and light. You don't want excessive gear taking up precious space in your saddlebags. However, you need to be prepared for all kinds of weather while out on the road. You want to stay comfortable and dry so you can enjoy the ride and the view. That's the reason you're out on the road, isn't it?

While motorcycling, you want to take extra good care of your expensive leather riding boots or whatever footwear you like to ride with. That's why we recommend packing a pair of Weatherbeaters for your motorcycle trip. These non-insulated NEOS are the ideal overshoe for any motorcycling enthusiast and will easily fit over your riding boots or running shoes to keep your feet dry and your shoes or boots protected from the elements. Simply slip on your pair of NEOS and use the adjustable strap to quickly secure them tightly around your footwear. The Weatherbeaters perma high traction sole will allow you to have good grip of the pedals while riding which is important if you happen to be on the road when it starts to rain. These NEOS are lightweight and pack up tight and small. So when not needed, they can roll up nice and tight and fit in your saddle bags with little effort.
At NEOS Overshoes Canada we like to help our customers stay dry, protected and comfortable whether at work or at play. We supply Canadians all over the country with the best overshoes for a variety of different uses. Take a look at our online store today and enjoy shopping with our safe and secure checkout system. We have timely shipping, helpful customer care and affordable pricing. You'll be happy to hear that NEOS Weatherbeaters are currently available for half the price. So don't hesitate, once you try a pair of NEOS you'll wonder how you ever managed motorcycling without them.

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