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4 Reasons to Wear NEOS While Hunting

4 Reasons to Wear NEOS While Hunting

NEOS have revolutionized the old fashioned galoshes that were worn years ago. People all over North America are discovering the high quality and multiple uses that modern day overshoes have to offer. Easy to get on and take off, conveniently compact and extremely durable are just a few of great attributes that our customers love about their NEOS. You may have never thought about wearing a pair of waterproof overshoes while out hunting so let us tell you why buying a pair of NEOS may just be the best new piece of hunting gear you've owned.

1 NEOS Are Lightweight

While hunting, the goal is to move as quietly as possible when trudging through the forest or creeping up into your tree stand. Lightweight NEOS are much quieter than your average hunting boot so you can effectively get into that ideal hiding spot, before the sun rises, without being heard. You'll also appreciate that all NEOS are considered lightweight if you have to hike a great distance to get to your blind or tree stand. No one enjoys being tuckered out by the time you get to your hunting location with all the gear you have to lug, on top of wearing bulky and bothersome camo boots. So why not wear a pair of convenient lightweight NEOS overshoes?

2 NEOS Are Waterproof

It's not fun getting your feet wet when you are out hunting while trying to sit still and remain comfortable. Most avid hunters want to be able to hunt whether rain or shine and NEOS will allow you to keep protected from the rain or snow so you can carry on hunting. If you are hunting waterfowl you will find that there are a few different NEOS Overshoes that work better than regular hip waders. For more information, see our blog, Why NEOS Overshoes Are Better Than Hip Waders.

3 NEOS Allow You To Stay Comfortable

The best thing about wearing NEOS to your tree stand, duck or goose blind is that you can wear your favourite, comfortable footwear inside of them. If you want more warmth you can wear your favourite warm slippers inside or perhaps you have a favourite pair or running shoes you'd rather wear if you have a long hike to get to your blind. Whatever you'd love to wear out hunting, that helps you stay still and comfortable, will easily work under a pair or protective NEOS.

4 NEOS Will Extend Your Hunting Season

Wearing durable NEOS will extend the length of your hunting season because the first thing to normally get cold when out hunting is your feet. Feet typically get cold because there isn't enough insulation or space inside the boot. On top of that, feet get cold hunting because of a lack of movement. Say goodbye to cold feet when you have NEOS as part of your hunting gear. NEOS provide double the insulation because of the sole of your overshoe plus the sole of the shoe you are wearing inside your overshoes. If you purchase a pair of insulated NEOS overshoes you allow an extra layer of insulation completing surrounding your footwear and your foot. So no need to stop hunting as soon as the weather gets cold. NEOS will allow you bow hunt until the end of December if you wish.
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