by Dana Ruprecht, photos by Trevor Connell

Get A Grip.

Whether at work or sport, sometimes boots - even a good quality pai...
Get A Grip.
As winter gains traction, so should you.

But extreme ice and snow can put your safety at risk, especially if you work outdoors or engage in a lot of winter hobbies and activities. Whether at work or sport, sometimes boots - even a good quality pair - are not hardy enough to keep us going in slippery conditions.
icers cleats for traction
Icer’s XT™ Extreme are superior detachable safety soles with metal cleats designed for the most challenging weather, beyond the capabilities of average winter footwear.
ice cleats
Strap the lightweight but durable sole to any pair of shoes or boots. Icer’s are designed to help maintain exceptional grip while also protecting your feet from the cold ground.

These cleats are ideal for everyone from the winter sportsman to postal workers, from delivery personnel to senior citizens requiring additional safety precautions. Icer’s XT™ Extreme cleats are available in a variety of sizes: Kids, Women’s and Men’s up to 2X-Large. Please click below for more information:

Please be aware that although the soles of your Icer’s can last a lifetime, the metal cleats can wear out over time. Always inspect them for wear-and-tear, and when the cleats are ready to be replaced, re-studding kits are available for purchase — with or without a studding tool — for your convenience.

With tool:

Metal studs only:

Extreme conditions call for Icer’s XT™ Extreme cleats. Get a grip!
Icers XT™ Extreme cleats

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