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Which NEOS to Wear While Camping

Order a pair of NEOS Overshoes today so you can add them to your pa...
Which NEOS to Wear While Camping
It's time to start planning that summer camping trip and while you're at it we'd like to make you aware of some great pairs of NEOS Overshoes to add to your packing list. Instead of lugging all sorts of footwear on your camping trip, how about just taking your favourite moccasins and a pair of NEOS? No need for sandals, water shoes etc. when you've got your favourite comfy slippers and waterproof protective overshoes that will fit snugly over them. There's simply no need to pack anything else!

First off we'd like to suggest our NEOS Weatherbeaters as they are currently on clearance and are an all purpose overshoe that are perfect for all outdoor activities. They are non-insulated, 100% waterproof (as are all NEOS), durable and lightweight. These qualities make them ideal for the wear and tear of camping but also good for storing in your tent and they will pack easily. They have an adjustable buckle strap that ensures a tight fit and makes them easy to take on and off without difficulty. The Weatherbeater overshoes have a Perma sole for high traction which is handy while walking or trudging over rough terrain and slippery surfaces. While camping you are sure to step on a moist, mossy rock or walk along a slippery log, so these NEOS will take care of you in these conditions. With sizing for both men and women, the NEOS Weatherbeater's are sure to be a top item on your packing list.
Two other styles of overshoes that are about the same height as the Weatherbeaters, are the Villager and Voyager and they will work just as well. Similar to the Weatherbeater, both the Villager and Voyager are lightweight styles and will pack and store easily with camping gear as they are not bulky. These NESO will work great as camping overshoes because you can use them to wade in the water to reach your canoe, for scaling that rock ledge or for out along a hike in the bush. For more information please see our blog on The Difference Between the Villager & Voyager Overshoes.

If you plan on fishing in rivers while camping, or wading through streams while out hiking, you may also be interested in the NEOS River Trekker Hipper. The River Trekker Hipper offers full leg protection with a thin nylon upper, designed for camping activities such as fishing, hiking and walking through tall grass or wading through deep water. These NEOS have a Vibram® Ninja™ deep treaded outsole that is malleable and slip resistant making them ideal for standing on mossy rocks or other slippery surfaces while camping.

Order a pair of NEOS Overshoes today so you can add them to your packing list for this year's camping trip. You'll find they are a "must have" camping item and you'll want to take them every time you go. At NEOS Overshoes Canada we are hear to help you find the exact pair of NEOS you are looking for. Please don't hesitate to contact us as we have experts who can answer your questions or help you place an order. We have fast and economical shipping with a secure checkout. Have fun camping this summer and stay dry and comfortable while you're at it!

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